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We have built a token that automatically fights off dumps.

By combining a few quirks and features, MoonlyFans will be riding a one way route to the moon! 

One method that is used to achieve this goal is by taxing buyers and sellers a whopping 15% on every transaction, while at the same time distributing these taxes among holders, which ensures holders will always enjoy an increase in their holdings & portfolio value, while at the same time discouraging holders to sell.

A second method that is used is a 5% burn on every transaction. This guarantees a signficant increase in price by constantly destroying tokens, which means they cant be used to sell or dump the price.

Thirdly, MoonlyFans automatically uses collected tax funds to activate a built-in anti-dump mechanic: Anytime a large amount of tokens is sold, MoonlyFans automatically uses a significant portion if its collected tax funds to buy back and burn tokens to pump the price right back up!

Combining these three methods will lead to a significant increase in price, while also avoiding dumps. Simply said: MoonlyFans is on a one way road to the moon.



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MoonlyFans will be solving an issue that many OnlyFans users are facing: Anonimity. At the moment it is not possible to pay for your OnlyFans subscriptions using crypto, which means most people are still using payment methods that could trace back to them.

Considering the fact that many people are using OnlyFans ”Secretly”, without their girlfriends or wives or other people within their social circle knowing, this should be a no-brainer.

MoonlyFans will solve this issue by providing a platform that will act as a middleman using specific algorithms that allow you to pay for your favorite subscriptions using cryptocurrencies.

Pay using Cryptocurrencies


MoonlyFans will allow you to pay for your subscriptions with cryptocurrencies. No financial details or personal details will be required to sign up with MoonlyFans. All you need in an e-mail address!


You'll receive a 10% discount when paying with MoonlyFans token.


If you choose to use your MoonlyFans tokens to subscribe to your favorite services, you’ll enjoy a 10% discount! The tokens that you use to pay for your subscription will be burned, increasing the price of MoonlyFans tokens for everyone!


Nobody will ever know your secrets


Because MoonlyFans enables you to subscribe to your favorite services while staying completely anonymous, you won’t have to worry about anyone finding out about your weird fetishes.


MoonlyFans is COMPLETELY Anonymous.


You’ll be able to choose your own OnlyFans account, or have an account created by our algorithms for you, after which all you have to do is send the subscriptions $ value in crypto to complete your subscription.


Tokens Offered



Soft Cap

150 BNB


Hard Cap

1500 BNB


Tokens Distributed

Immediately after our UniCrypt sale has finished.

MoonlyFans rewards its holders - ALOT.


Due to the high Tax %, holders will enjoy a huge amount of rewards, every single day, simply for holding.


Scarcity and Deflation


Due to MoonlyFans’ high Burn % on every transaction the circulating supply will costantly decrease, resulting in a constant increase in scarcity and price.


Automated Buy Back & Burns


MoonlyFans automatically uses collected tax funds to buy back and burn MoonlyFans tokens anytime a large amount of tokens is sold, eliminating dumps.


MoonlyFans is Unruggable


All LP will be locked automatically by DxSale, which means nobody will have access to the Liquidity Pool. In simple terms: MoonlyFans is Unruggable.