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What is WhaleHunter?

Whales are holders of large crypto wallets that buy big and sell big, causing prices to shoot up and crash down. WhaleHunter makes it easy to track your favorite whales, follow their moves, & trade with them instead of getting wrecked. Whale Hunter is easy to use.  Follow the top whales trading today & receive notifications of every transaction they make. Use their trades to make smarter decisions about yours.  You’ll know when they buy & you’ll know when they sell. Whales make trading hard, WhaleHunter makes trading easy!

Why Choose WhaleHunter


Live Tracking

All of our Trackers are communicating to multiple blockchains within 0.1 of a millisecond.


Innovative Tools

Equip yourself with intuitive and easy to use crypto tracking tools like our Whale Tracker, Shark Tracker, & Portfolio Tracker with many more to come.



HODL Rewards

All token holders receive 2% on every transaction.

Our community is one of the fastest growing crypto tracking communities in the Blockchain space. Join our social media platforms and become a crypto whale tracker yourself.  Receive help with questions from our community regardless if you are new to Crypto or a Blockchain veteran. 

Road Map




Q1: 2021


Dev team assembled


Road map of vision


Token Creation and audit




Build social media presence




Q2: 2021


Listing on PancakeSwap


Beta testing and launching website


Telegram Alert bot deployment


Community building


Begin marketing and build PR team




Q3: 2021


Rug check integration in website


Community contests


NFTs Marketplace


Update roadmap release




Q4: 2021


Cross chain whale tracking


Mobile friendly app


WhaleHunter achievement awards



Locked into the liquidity pool (LP)



Redistributed among all the current holders



Burned & buried 20,000 leagues under the sea, never to resurface.