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MoonTrust is a DeFi token built on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). Our goal is to create an application where users are able to send and receive MNTT tokens via their mobile numbers. We aim to incorporate MoonTrust token to be part of our day to day life via integrations with partner apps. 


Fair Launch

All tokens will be on DxSale to provide an equal opportunity for all investors, with 95% of the liquidity locked for 1 year (the maximum allowed on DxSale). A built-in token contract permanently locks the MoonTrust Team wallet from trading/selling tokens (the MoonTrust team can only move tokens received from tax redistribution airdrops).

Tax Based Token

There is a built-in tax cushioning system, where half of all tax revenue is put into distribution pool (MNTT Token Contract). All holders token value are defined by their original purchase amount plus their share of distribution pool. The distribution pool will grow and equalize up to the tax bracket value. Over time as the project stabilizes, the purchase tax will decrease by the flat amount in distribution contract.

Adoption Integration

MoonTrust Wallet APIs that will allow for partner apps to utilize MNTTs. Partners can use MNTT for any use case in their app. Social media apps can use MNTT as metrics such as likes. Shopping apps can use MNTT as payment.