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MiniDoge was the black sheep of the Doge family; she was the runt of the litter, late to the party that had catapulted the rest of the Doge family to mild success. She wasn’t the biggest Doge by any means, and no one took an initial interest in her. Her siblings used to make fun of her for being so small. The other memecoins all laughed at her hypocritically, citing her lack of a use-case, and calling her a “rug pull”. All of that abuse caused MiniDoge to look inwards, to do some self reflection, and to work on herself to be the best Doge she could be, regardless of the haters.

Like many other coins, MiniDoge was abandoned when she was young, the Doge family not wanting anything to do with her. Rather than become abandonware, MiniDoge was determined to go on a quest; to find her use-case, her purpose in life, and show her family that she was worth her place as a Doge.

She ended up at an animal shelter, where she worked for a number of years, taking in other animals. Sometimes their owners came and picked them back up, other times they faded out of existence. MiniDoge was upset every time that happened, and wished she could do something – something that mattered, something that could help.

One day, she finally understood her purpose while looking at another animal, abandoned by its owners and its market cap dwindling. This was it! She could help real animals, real shelters, to thrive in the real world! To help real dogs, cats, and others get homed; to help provide quality care to the animals in society that need it the most.

She found her purpose, and she set to work. She set up shelters, and funded existing ones. She created a network that supported the care of animals all over the world. She started to work on supporting animal sanctuaries and wildlife reserves, and she started to get noticed. Newspapers all around the world began hearing about MiniDoge’s deeds, and her journey from having no use-case, to making a phenomenal and tangible real-world impact with her work. Eventually, Elon Musk heard about MiniDoge, and gave her a very special prize for her deeds; a ticket to the moon. The first ever Doge to set foot in a rocket ship and make it all the way to the moon. And all of it funded animal care across the entire world.

MiniDoge went down in the history books as the most successful Doge to ever exist, and subsequent generations of Doges all look up to their benevolent auntie, wondering how they can ever achieve as much as she did.

MiniDoge is still out there, doing what she always did; helping animals in need, and laughing at the hypocritical coins who put her down, way back when.

All About MiniPets

With MiniDOGE we are building a one of a kind game for IOS and Android called MiniPets.
MiniPets is a game with rewards based on daily engagement in the game. Think Tamagotchi meets Decentraland!
In MiniPets the users will be able to build as many pets as they would like, each pet has a persona which will start in an animal shelter and build up from there, eventually going on to becoming adopted and growing up.What is MiniPets?

In the game every pet will live in DOGEWorld and all pets will be able to earn MiniDOGE tokens in the game by doing the daily tasks, working at a job and completing their daily responsibilities on time.
As each pet earns more MiniDOGE tokens in the game they can buy upgrades such as clothes, food for building up attributes and even skills for them to get better jobs to earn more MiniDOGE tokens each day.
What will it do?

Each user will be also able to build up their pet and then sell them as a collectible NFT which the new owner can use in the MiniPets game to continue to earn.
One of the most exciting parts of the game is that each user is able to use their earnings to buy land, build a house, buy cars, etc.
Each asset that a MiniPet owns will also count towards the value of each pet if and when an owner chooses to sell them in the MiniPet NFT Marketplace.
Tell me more!

People will essentially be able to have fun playing in DOGEWorld while earning and using their pets to build up their value.
As people earn more and more MiniDoge tokens they will also be able to spend them through our partnership with Shopify and merchants worldwide who will be able to accept MiniDoge tokens as a form of payment for goods they sell online through Shopify stores.What else???




We are 100% Community obsessed! We strive to build a best in class community with active members who are part of the evolution of MiniDoge. Join our movement and help donate to Animal Shelters worldwide. Together we can help animals find their way back to their original homes or find a new safe family to love them. Community will vote and decide on which charities to contribute to. Charity donations will be made from the Marketing wallet


Buy Fees 

 2% Reflection to  Holders

 4%  Marketing/Development 

 6%AutoBoost Function

Sell Fees7% 4% 7% 

Reflection to HoldersMarketing/Development AutoBoost Function

Token Distribution

5%  Initial Burn 


Game Rewards

10% Private Sale


 34% PancakeSwap  LP

Total Supply 1,000,000,000,000,000