Millionaire’s Club
  • Millionaire’s Club


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  • $3,750,195,116,832,000


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  • 1,000,000,000,000,000

    Total Supply






We said we are here to make you rich and we meant it! 

If you bought over 4 BNB worth of $MILIS tokens you are entitled to join our 5 BNB raffle.

The first raffle will take place at 1000 holders and results will be announced on our telegram group.

The raffle will happen every time we grow by 1000 holders
(e.g 1000,2000 etc).

Make sure you put your wallet address for BSC and your telegram user name so we can reach you when you win.

IF you boguht 4 BNB or more you are also welcome to join our VIP Lounge for the rich only.
The VIP Lounge will give you many benefits and you will also be a decision-maker in regards to any action the team is making as a vote holder.
To Join VIP you must get approved by the mods and get a personal invite link.




We have deployed the smart contract in the BSC network and verified its full functionality

We burnt 80% of the total supply and sent it to a black hole of the BSC network.
LP tokens are locked in Pancake Swap to form the liquidity pool.

We have submitted all the relevant documentation to CoinMarketCap and to CoinGeko as well as signed up to CoinHunt.

Added to CoinHunt and CoinSniper.



We will be using all of our existing connections to influential people in the crypto sphere. Promoting across Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and Tik Tok.

We will be looking to collaborate with the biggest names in the crypto world to get as many millionaires as we can into our club.

Further projects, marketing and development to come! The community will be told of any updates/movements before the general public.



We are raffling 5 BNBs for every 1000 holders and expect to reach that milestone within 7 days.

We are hiring PR agencies and marketing experts on social media (SMM) to get the brand of the millionaires club token is known worldwide.

We list $MILIS on Hotbit and Poloniex exchange – we have already started the negotiations and waiting on the user growth for the listing. After that we will aim for other exhcanges.

This is $MILIS the token that is meant to segment traders that are here to make it big. We urge you to hold $MILIS and give us the time to prove you how we are going to make this big !

Well accept the amazing community we are building that will be very different then all the alt coins communities we are also giving our holders airdrops of 5% weekly – that is 20% per month if you are a holder of over 2 BNB worth. 
Along with that we also give our holders 3% of every transaction that is done automatically injected into the holders wallets.


TOKENOMICS$MILIShas a total supply of 1 quadrillion, and 70% of tokens are burned just before launch. MILISis a deflationary Token and has three main functions which are executed automatically during every $MILIStransaction: 7% Auto Reflection to Holders, 3% Sent to Liquidity Pool. The Marketing Wallet will Serve as a wallet for payments for promos and advertising across social media and mainstream channels. The Burn stations are on every new 1k hodlers and will be announced ahead of time. Burning tokens increases volatility and raises scarcity.

We Airdrop our holders every week for being loyal! IF you hold more than 2 BNB worth you will receive 5% MILIS per week.


7% is redistributed to holders automatically via our smart contract, all you need to do is hold and we will take care of the rest


3% goes to liquidity to enable growth and sustain fluctuations and volatility. The longer MILIS goes the less volatile it will get