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Introducing Anti-Dump Treasury Mechanism

MegaBlast introduces a new mechanism which improves on the flawed charity wallet model. In a normal charity token, a charity tax accrues in a charity wallet where it is designated for good doing! Although let’s be real, most are probably just sold for profit.

However that is not the real issue. The real issue is those charity wallets get HUGE. They slowly climb up the ladder to be the TOP WALLET.

What happens when the project wants to donate? THEY CRASH THE PRICE. This model is simply broken.

MegaBlast takes the charity wallet one step further and AUTOMATICALLY converts each chunk to BNB so that it does not have ANY massive dip impact on price. This is a game changer because it stabilizes the price while at the same time providing a fund for the project goals.

In the case of MegaBlast, it acts as an incentive for the dev team, which again HAS ZERO TEAM TOKENS. This ensures long term participation AND prevents another issue facing many tokens, the team token dump! Which here does not exist!

The goal of this project is to demonstrate the efficacy of the mechanism, and use the treasury to pay for marketing, relocking of the new LP created, and any other community initiatives. The ultimate mission is to create a synergistic flow of value that will feedback into the growth of the token. As the token grows, the treasury grows. As the treasury grows marketing and infrastructure is paid for and grows. And so on. 

This is MegaBlast.

There is ONE awesome new add-on to this token.

Mega Blast has a system in place where the treasury grows from the 1% fee taken from each transaction which is automatically traded to bnb, so it doesn't greatly impact the price of the token. With this ever growing treasury, these funds will then be used to hire marketing teams, developers, shill team, hire influencers, and take the token to new levels.


Just like other DeFi tokens it features an automatic yield generation for both holders and LP holders. A 5% tax is applied and reflected (RFI) to all holders. A 5% tax is also re-integrated into the existing liquidity pool to support maximum growth.


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