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Ultimately, we also want to acquire anime licenses to give our streaming site a "uniqueness factor". The collaboration with Japanese manga artists is also planned so as not to forget the manga market.

We are still at the beginning, but we have already achieved great things, including a marketcap of 300k in just 48 hours. Our community is very strong and nice. Join us and chat about your favorite animes and characters as we head into a new anime timepiece.

As big Manga lovers and fans of Anime, Hentai and Cosplay, we decided to develop MangAss. The aim is to sell our own mangas and animes, to support the cosplay community and to provide an NFT marketplace. A streaming platform is also planned and cooperation with various Japanese anime producers is planned.


The path of our Saiyajins

  • Q3 2021

Launching & Marketing. Cooperating with Anime Streaming sites , Reddit, TikTok and YouTube to grow the Community.

  • Q4 2021

Start Development of our own Anime Streaming Websites, with features to buy with $MangAss

  • Q1 2022

Launch BetaVersion of StreamingPlatform. Also connect to japanese Anime Artists to Create our first own Anime Story

  • Q2 2022

Start of Developing NFT Marketplace for our Hentai Section.

  • Q3 2022

Starting own Cosplay-fabrication Service for individual Cosplay Designs. Cooperating with big Cosplay-Influencers


10% Tax on Transactions

Every transaction has tax of 10% wich will be devided into 5% back to holders and 5% into liquiditypool

5% Return to Holders

Hold your coins and you will automatically be rewarded with every transaction. 5% of every transaction costs are distributed to all holders

5% Return to Liquidity

Another 5% of the transaction costs are automatically added to the liquidity pool to ensure safe and fast trading.