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What is Little Fish Moon?

What makes Little Fish Moon Token Better?

  • We dislike inflation so we created an ecosystem that can fight it!

What are we creating?

  • Our own community currency: Little Fish Moon Token
  • Our own community NFT marketplace for content creators
  • Our own community retail marketplace connecting product creators and retail stores with our Fish community
  • Our own token swap: FishSwap
  • Our own community Fish Game App

We are a DeFi Protocol and we have 3 basic functions:

  • Deflationary Tax: The Deflationary Tax is a Little Fish Moon Token protocol that charges each transaction 10%.
  • HODLer Rewards: HODLer Rewards are created and distributed to holders whenever a transaction is completed. The HODLer Reward is ½ of the Deflationary Tax (5% of each transaction).
  • Automatic Liquidity Creator (ALC): The other ½ of the Deflationary Tax (5% of each transaction) is sent to our Automatic Liquidity Creator (ALC) helping our economy by stabilizing our price as we grow.

Our Roadmap

2nd Quarter - 2021


Little Fish Moon Fair Launch!

2nd Quarter - 2021


Initial Little Fish Moon Marketing/Fair Launch Party

2nd Quarter - 2021


Website Launch and White Paper Release Party

2nd Quarter - 2021


Trust Wallet Logo/Official Logo Listing




3rd Quarter - 2021


CMC/CGK Listing Approval

3rd Quarter - 2021


Partnership and NFT and Website upgrades

1st Quarter - 2022


Apply for Exchange Listings

3rd Quarter - 2022


Official Launch of FishWorld Gaming



3rd Quarter - 2021


Submit for audit and review

4th Quarter - 2021


Official Launch Of Little Fish Moon Online Shop

1st Quarter - 2022


Official Launch of FishMoon



  • 50% Of Total Supply Burned at Inception
  • 20% Of Tokens Allocated for a Fair Launch Public Sale
  • 15% of Total Supply Allocated for Marketing and Development
  • 10% Of Total Supply Allocated for Airdrop to Support Communities in Need
  • 5% Locked into Liquidity