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Lotdog was created to disrupt the auto-yield token Industry. He has analyzed all the existing systems,Dismantled them for their best parts and added his own.Experience to anyone that interacts with him.

Equipped with extraordinary powers by his colleaguesFrom chainlink, he selects one of his human friends every.Eight hours and grants them a gift far greater than they.Could ever imagine.


Lotdog's technology is far beyond.All other robots in the industry. The more people interact with him the.Stronger he gets.

They also already have marketing deals already secured with 2 very big crypto Tiktokers. One is Blaneoh who has over 1.9 million followers and this guy even used to live with Jake Paul and is friends with many celebrities like Faze Clan members and even Addison Rae.

Blane also has over 280k followers on Instagram. Gavin owns 2 crypto/ stock accounts on TikTok with both over 250k followers. Onoe is his main account which has over 250k followers and the other which is own by him and his friend with a female actor, the account is called luxuruty equities.

Luxury equities is apparently his main business where he owns one of the world largest paid crypto/ stock discords in the world with over 48k members who paid for his service

4% of each transaction is used to fuel his liquidity tanks,ensuring a steadily rising level of.Stability and a runtime for all eternity.

4% of each transaction is used to upgrade the diamond plated.Paws of lotdog holders, rewarding.All of them through every buy and sell Transaction.

2% of each transaction goes into the lottery pool that lotdog gives away to one of his friends every eight hours, rewarding them with Riches far beyond measurement.

Lottery Function

2% of every $lotdog transaction are automatically traded for bnb and then added into the jackpot.

Every eight hours, lotdog checks if his lottery pool has reached the minimal jackpot level.

If the lottery pool passed the threshold, he calls up chainlink's vrf function to truly at random pick one qualified human and sends him all of his gatherings.If the lottery pool is smaller than the threshold, he continues to collect liquidity for another eight hours.

How to qualify:

- make one buy transaction worth 0.05 bnb or more

- each wallet can only enter once each lottery cycle




4% Liqui

His job is to guarantee the ever increasing price floor of $LOTDOG by sending his 4% to the locked liquidity pool!


4% Happy
Hodl Bot

Happy Hodl Bot rewards all Diamond Hands ➜ When you buy and hold $LOTDOG, he will send you a share of his 4% to receive more and more coins forever!


2% Lottery

LotDog is the most generous dog of all. Every Eight hours he sends the 2% he collected to one random person that has bought at least 0.05 BNB worth of $LOTDOG