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Mission Statement

First of all, we believe in making money, but we also believe that a portion of that money should go to a good cause. What better cause is there than planting more trees? The Lorax token combines the power of meme with an actual purpose of helping the planet.

The Lorax also will be developing several new technologies to assist with bridging the gap from old cryptocurrencies that are power hungry and killing the planet to new cryptocurrencies that will be power efficient and help keep the planet survive for our children's children. We will be developing a governance system based on the LORAX token in order to have community proposals and community votes on which cryptocurrencies to select for targeted development based on their environmental scores and technological utility. 

‚ÄčThe Lorax team will be developing a bridge from Binance Smart Chain to Solana. The fees of using the bridge will be split between the LORAX holders, development and marketing, and the remaining funds will be donated in order to plant more trees in the world. 

We will be using teamtrees.org as our targeted organisation for giving donations.



Over 15.3 billion trees are cut down every year! And that number continues to rise.

Why are trees needed?

Trees provide oxygen and limit carbon in the atmosphere. They reduce air pollution, provide shelter for millions of species of wildlife and they effectively absorb atmospheric pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. In this day and age air pollution is a major issue and the simple answer to help combat this issue!

What can we do?

The team behind The Lorax are very passionate about helping preserve all trees on a multi national scale and we will succeed by teaming up with an existing company TeamTrees.org. With the power of cryptocurrency we aim to educate a vast audience on the importance of trees and use our platform to raise funds for Team Trees!

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