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Larecoin is a Utility Token registered with the SEC and deployed as an ERC20 token back in 2018. The utility of Larecoin (LARE) on it's underlying Smart Wallet and Decentralized Exchange platform shall drive demand as our community grows. Larecoin smart wallet and decentralized exchange (Web, iOs and Android) offers users rewarding, incentivized a gamification and foundation to generate, earn or farm rewards. Such rewards not limited to in exchange for deposit making, staking, yield farming, bounties, Totteries and collectibles. Larecoin offers unparalleled flexibility continually extending its offerings to support crypto processing across an even wider array of digital assets, management and blockchain solutions. Upon launch of the Smart Wallet, Larecoin community is enabled to Send, Receive and Convert Digital Assets instantly. Our exchange enables the conversion of Larecoin back to BNB, ETH or USDT FREE of any transaction fees. Growing 20k+ Community and much more awaiting LARE right over the horizon!


Larecoin (LARE) Tokenomics Lauren ARF) is a normntable utility inken registered with the SEC in 2018 Orgully deployed an ERC20 roken an Fhereums Mains Net De May 20 2021, Larecoin bures 85% of 57,982504 26224895734 LARE ERC20 and the remander 8,697,375,639337343 LARE EPC20 has been burnt as follows: 1/3 of the total supply available 2,899,215.463.1 LARE ERCED burnt to Viterik Suteri, Founder of Ethereum, Address:OxA501a70398351b1c4305532590 2099.215,4831 LARE RC autre to Make Public Adress 0x2936438530005620-42286001959781125AAL: 2,8997154631 LAME ERC20 burnt to Golem Foundation (hepy//golem foundation) Ranked #134 top ETH wallets an Ethereum blockchain Address: 0x30453008203666058af03770103-40ES91cdt which holds 116399,70058 Eth (Approx. $450m worth). On June 1, 2021, Larecoin pivots in a new direction by deploying enhanced smart contracts for Larecoin (LARE) BEP2D version, Smart Water DEX and blockchain platform Lareblocs on Biance Smar, Chain (BSC) BSC cost efficient scalable and provides limitless infrastructure for Laren ARP) as a token, it's underlying dApps and LarmBorks Blocshan Platform tamecor (ARE) SEP20 v3 BSC Smart Contract has been audited by Tech tace ( and is designed to accept LARE ERC20 from any of its original 58 holders redeers and return the equivalent in vase LARE BEP20 Ler's get to the detais! Larecoin (LARE) BEP20 Total Supply: 116,000,000,000.0000 LARE 348m LARI is to be sold on a fes come test serve basis at a 50% discourt (00000274 ND per LARD) dety through it's BSC smart contract address. We arked 50% of the total supply available 58,000,000,000.0000 LARE BEP20 to Parn liefwap and we threw away the keyst Only 27% of the total supply available 3132000,000,0000 L OLARE BEP20 will be allocated towards cross co listings, endorsements, product placements partie ships and brand marketing. Weve restricted 15.5% of the total supply available 15.500.000.000.0000 LARE BEP20 from trading for a period of 7 years And locked 45% of 450 LARE DEP20 in the DSC shant contrac logic to dem LARE SEP20 on es original counterpan LARE ERC20 Any amounts let unecate will be burnt 129% of the supply tacle 12,000,000.500 0000 LARE BEP20 will be used to support arecon RSC Strant Contact logic to reward it's users in LARE for deposit making staking and yied farming on its underlying App Sman Wales & Exchange solution for Web, Os and Android 15% of the total supply available 15.000,000,000.0000 LARE BEP20 stumt directly to Changpeng Zhao, founder of Binance Our developers dort hold whole stiskes in Larecoin relieving concerns about de dues or cloads Lareces Smart Wallet and P2P crypto exchange is engineered to create demand for the Larecoin (LARE) BE22D tokens, LARE BEP20 to be pred with other BEP20 ERC20, De tokens and Stabilecains