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Llamaswap is a farming token on the Binance Smart Chain, with a current market cap of only $960,000. Lama is a Pancakeswap fork with a similar base design, but the added features and soon to be released gambling features truly set Llamaswap apart from the pack!

The fact that Llamaswap is over 2 months old shows how the token is established and there is little risk of it failing. This combined with an active dev team and strong community in my opinion gives Llamaswap the makings of a solid contending token.

The long-anticipated Spit token will also arrive within the next week. This fixed supply token will be used for Lama buybacks making burns much easier and more regular, therefore helping with deflation. Spit token will also be used in a Lama-Spit LP farm which will generate high levels of interest. Furthermore, the new llamaswap crypto gambling style games (such as the Llama Lottery) will utilise Spit coin.

Spit will be offered to buyers through the first ILO: Initial LlamaSwap Offering, there will be:

A launchpad like pool for normal investors: commit Lama-Bnb-LP into the pool and get Spit based on your pool allocation. Unspent funds will be refunded. This will have a guaranteed allocation proportional to the staked amount.

Exciting news for Llama farmers and Doge holders alike... Llamaswap are planning to release very soon Lama-Doge LP farms. Much like the upcoming Lama-Spit farm, the Doge farm will enable users to combine Doge with Lama, to create LP tokens, which when staked will generate high levels of interest in the form of Lama.


Llamaswap: https://llamaswap.finance

Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance

Chart: https://llamaswap.finance/graph?poocoin