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A perfectioned version of the EverRise contract.

Meet BabyKraken - a perfected version of the EverRise contract. BabyKraken brings together EverRise and SafeMoon tokenomics, with a more robust buyback mechanism which can't be exploited by spamming transactions. A DAO-owned contract means our coin can grow, guided by the community.

BabyKraken has improved on the EverRise buyback mechanism with anti-botting measures.

BabyKraken buybacks have a lower limit under which the buyback will cover 100% of the amount sold, and nothing more. Transactions above the threshold will not be impacted by this measure. For example, if you sell 0.01 BNB worth of BabyKraken when the buyback threshold is set at 0.1 BNB, the buyback will only cover 0.01 BNB.

In addition to this, buybacks below the threshold have a 3 second cooldown based on block-timestamps.

This protects our buyback fund from being exploited the way that EverRise has been, with thousands of micro-transactions triggering thousands of 0.1BNB buybacks. Read our wiki (LINK) for a detailed breakdown of our buyback mechanism.

BabyKraken Roamdap

Roadmap is under construction. More exciting things coming soon.


Website launchKrakBaby memes & stickersOrganized shilling raidsMarketing push for awarenessChinese language communityDaily voice chats with teamInitial audit (Techrate)Gnosis-safe multisig marketing wallet2500+ Telegram members by launchApply to CG/CMC on day 1


Weekly AMAs with communityExpand alternate language communitiesMarketing/influencers pushSnapshot DAO for community votingTrending strategies 5k holders by day 3KrakBaby meme & shilling contestsImpressive buyback fund to defend priceFirst DAO vote to donate to ocean-saving charitiesThird-party audit


NFT's generating passive incomeTesla give-away contest - buy & hold to win!BabyKrakenSwap interfaceKRAKBABY merch & prizesEver-expanding buyback fundMajor influencer/celebrity sponsorsListing on major CEXUnstoppable buyback fundListing on multiple major CEX


Total Supply


1 Quadrillion




Presale Price



Pancakeswap Price



BabyKraken is the perfect Token.


Automatic Rewards Farming (ARF)

Rewards are distributed to holders in real-time with every transaction. Sit back and watch your BabyKraken balance grow


Automatic Liquidity

Every transaction/trade contributes towards an increasing liquidity pool. All LP tokens are getting burned.


Locked Liquidity

75% of the BNB raised in the presale are locked up until 2099 by the dxsale app. In addition to this, LP tokens created by the liquidity-tax are burned permanently


Automatic Buy-Back

The contract buys $KRAKBABY and burns it whenever a sell happens.


Anti-Bot and Security

The bot problem crippling EverRise has been solved. Battle-Proof contract forked from EverRise which is Audited by TechRate. Only minor but powerful adjustements have been made.


Community Owned

The contract is owned by a DAO contract. It's only possible to call functions if a proposal receives >50% Yes votes. 1 BABYKRAKEN = 1 VOTE

BabyKraken has the perfect Taxes.


2% Back To Shareholders



7% Buy-Back Tax



1% Liquidity Tax



2% Marketing Tax