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iToken is a project that aims to change the NFT and insurance markets, introducing more innovative and user-friendly ways to earn money. Of course, as a decentralized platform, the stakeholder and platform customers' values are most important to them and the long-term success, so they created a token to cater to the iToken community.

They have built the iToken to be an integral part of our ecosystem. It will influence the direction of the platform and the NFT insurance market in a major way, enabling us to achieve better results by involving their community when making crucial decisions. To show their community and clients that they are essential to them, iToken will serve as the distributed governance token of the network, making the decision-making process as fair and equitable as possible.


iToken users will secure insurance for their assets directly from the dART terminal, however, we will integrate our solution into other NFT marketplaces as well. The ability to insure NFT assets will become easily accessible to all crypto users. As the value held in NFTs continues to grow, the ability to protect against risks becomes essential. dART will be the first platform allowing its users to insure their NFT assets, already securing partnerships with NFT exchanges to implement our platform.

The Vision

the digital NFT art craze is earning creators millions. Digital artists are finally getting the recognition they deserve. We want the world to treat them with the same respect and attitude as the physical world's great painters. We will strive for that as we provide an enhanced level of security for all.


1% Redistribution


1% auto-lock in LP


1 Trillion Total Supply

Current crypto-insurance product implementations:

KYC is requiredInsurance cannot be refunded or resold

Insurance has to be purchased separately for each protocol, for set, pre-specified amounts

Once purchased, insurance cannot be modifiedNFT tokenized insurance removes KYC requirements and opens up a secondary marketplace to sell insurance coverage to possible buyers. However, it is still hard to navigate the applications, as they have complex UXs and other limitations, such as risk coverage providers like Nexus Mutual.