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We Scan Everything

The $HUSKYPRO technology scans every line of code involved in the token contract to make sure it does not contain any vulnerabilities or significant indications of a "Rug-Pull / Honey Pot".

We Protect Your Funds

BILLIONS  of dollars are lost each year when malicious developers take advantage of new investors and those who do not know how to evaluate smart contracts.

Thats why we created husky! 
Count on our trained huskies to defend you against manipulative, nasty contracts.


Always Improving

We make every effort to stay current with the cryptospace and blockchain technologies. We'll be putting every spare second of our time to good use, delivering results time after again. We have long-term ambitions to automate contract scanning and conduct in-depth audits of whole projects. With husky protector, the options are endless!

Will the contract be renounced?

Absolutely. The protection of our investors is one of our top considerations at Husky. Dxsale fee's are now set to 0% for everything according to rules (dxsale requirements). When the contract is released for exchange on the bsc network, the fees will be promptly changed to the appropriate amount and the contract will be renounced. (30 minutes after sale finalized)


Why is there wallets holding funds outside of the sale?

It took a long time and a lot of money to get this project off the ground; it wasn't just cobbled together in minutes like other dxsale ventures that are more than likely a rugpull / honeypot. Outside of our core staff, we have two investors. These tokenswere set aside to provide them with initial tokens, motivating them to work hard and deliver time after time while also helping to fund the initiative. There's no need to rely on community support to fund the project. You can rest assured that no tokens will be sold at launch.



Will you have problems or delays when finalizing the dxsale?

No, we've explored every conceivable explanation for the failure to finalize the sale. We are optimistic that we will be up and running very shortly when the sale is completed (hard cap reached or time ends). We've already put the contract through its paces on testnet.


Will the liquidity be locked?

Yes, liquidity is immediately frozen after debut. There is no need to be concerned about liquidity pulling or anything like that because this is an automatic operation handled by dxsale. It's autolocked, and as soon as we get the URL, we'll share it with everyone.


Auto Burn

1% per Trade

This fee is in place to help keep the token's value healthy. To put it another way, 1% of every transaction will be routed to a dead wallet address, ensuring that the token deflates over time. This increases the value of the tokens you own!



Marketing Wallet

2% per Trade

The money will not be used for profit/gains. These funds will be used to assist in the development of our scanner as well as future marketing strategies and listing opportunities!



Token Holders

3% per Trade

This is fantastic news! Simply by owning our token, you will receive a passive 3% bonus in tokens. Every transaction contributes to your personal wallet of tokens! HODL for the long run and get the rewards!



Liquidity Pool

4% per Trade

This fee is in place to maintain our liquidity pool constantly flowing and filled with more and more liquidity to maintain our coin floating smoothly after launch, ensuring that our investors do not have to spend their hard-earned money on liquidity as we grow!