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$HUP is building an all-in-one NFT Marketplace enabling socially conscious visual artists and collectors to authenticate their artwork, find copycats across the web, and buy, sell, and license their artwork through its copyright - while complying with international copyright and securities law

✔  $HUP Solves the NFT Permanence Problem and Hosts Metadata and Image/Video Files Through a Decentralized, Resilient File Hosting Protocol

✔  $HUP Fair-Launches its Token on PancakeSwap June 15

✔  $HUP Automatically Rewards Holders, Burns Tokens, and Pledges a Contribution to A Capybara-Related Cause Every Transaction

✔  $HUP's Anti-Whale Dumping Mechanisms Promote Community Growth and Stability

✔  $HUP Holders Help Shape the Project's Future and The Features of Our NFT Platform Through our 1 Wallet, 1 Vote Community Governance Framework


While Complying with
International Copyright and Securities Law.


5% of Sales & Licensing Deals
Are Donated To A Cause
Selected By The Artist At The Time of Minting.


+ 5% of Secondary Sales & Licensing Deals
Are Rewarded Back To The Artist.


Make Your NFTs Work For You
and Earn $HUP
By Lending Your Work To:

✅  Art Galleries
✅ Live Broadcasts
✅ Metaverse Parties
✅ Advertisers
....and more!


It's All Coming Soon.



Learn More

Or, See How We Beat The Tokenomics Of Dogecoin, SafeMoon & Shiba Inu   ⤵







% of every transaction




Supply-reducing deflation. Continuously.




% of every transaction




Vote on the causes that receive each month's charity funds.




% of every transaction




Automatic, passive staking rewards for every holder.




% of every transaction




And stays in PancakeSwap. Forever.




We're Setting The Standard for Socially Conscious Token Projects.



Liquidity: Locked.
Rug Pull: Eliminated.


 At launch, liquidity for PancakeSwap will be personally funded by our CEO and time-locked for 6 months. And we'll publish the time-lock contract address, so you can be certain we can't rugpull you -- even if we wanted to.



Anti-Whale Dumping Mechanisms.


Wallets that reach a threshold of 0.25% of total supply (minus tokens burned) can only sell their holdings after 24hrs, and then only up to 10% per day until under the threshold. Because we're here to save the world and have some fun - not speculate and day-trade.



  Two Officially Commissioned Audits.


We're so confident of our clean, rug-proof code that we've comissioned and passed audits from TWO  of the industry's leading smart code auditing firms: CertiK & HAECHI.




Fair Launch.
Zero Pre-Sale.


Pre-sales are unfair. We believe in fair launches, which is why we're releasing $HUP on PancakeSwap for a tiny initial per token price - enabling anyone to buy 100s of $HUP at once.

Token Successfully  Fair Launched on PancakeSwap June 15 2021



Community Airdrops & Bounties.


A chunk of our total supply is set aside to reward community members who contribute to the HUP.LIFE Eco-System - as well as to airdrop $HUP to holders of tokens of value-aligned projects.

Bounty0x Campaign Finished.
4.2T Launch Airdrop Now Live.



High-Yield Staking Opportunities.


The emergence of yield farming clones bringing little value to staking led us to make a deliberate decision: We would only seek listings on established high-yield staking platforms instead of making our own, and only choose partners that share our goal for a better world.

  Staking Launch (Anticipated):
July 15, 2021



Democratic Community Governance.


Through our proposed HUP.VOTE™ platform, every holder gets to vote to decide the charitable organization that receives charity wallet funds accumulated over every month, no matter how much $HUP they hold - that's our 1 Wallet, 1 Vote Communty Governance Model.

1st Vote (Anticipated):
August 1, 2021



 Extra Rewards for Monthly Holders.


Hold $HUP monthly to earn exclusive rewards, such as live capybara parties. And to celebrate our launch we're rewarding holders of 0.1% of all $HUP or more from the entirety of July to the end of November with one-of-a-kind capybara art NFTs upon platform launch.

1st Capybara Party (Anticipated):
August 5, 2021



Bringing Transparency To Project Token Split Structures

$HUP provides transparency to our community that is unprecedented in blockchain projects.

Community members can view the twelve specific, team-managed wallets:

Initial Liquidity for PancakeSwap (20%)
Research & Development (10%)
Marketing (10%)
Ongoing NFT Platform Expenses (Storage, Rewards for Consensus Mechanism, etc.) (10%)
✅ Leadership & Advisors (10%)
Legal & Regulatory Compliance (10%)
Airdrops & Bounties (7.5%)
Farming and Staking Rewards (7.5%)
✅ 1:1 Capybara Art NFTs For Early Adopters (5%)
Liquidity for Other Exchanges & Platform Listing Fees (5%)
Admin, Misc, and Reserve (5%)
🎗Charity Wallet

This is so you can take a look at and stay on top of all crypto funds moving in and out of the project - particular to the specific category of expense.

And if you have questions about anything related to the team-managed wallets, you are invited to ask any questions during our planned weekly Discord voice chat AMAs.