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It is I, your local POTION SELLER! I can see you are all so weary from the honeypots and scams of late and in dire need of some comfort from a legitimate potion seller like myself!

Our healing potion tokens will offer you 7% regen in your wallet per tx tick along with a 5% LP contribution! A 12% tax to keep off those ghastly whales! This is truly your degen regen token, there is no reason to sell your hp potions!



Future plans include pixel art NFT based around potions/flasks/elixirs and cauldrons and all that fun stuff. The proceeds of the NFTS to be donated to charities or small creative studios. First NFT is going to the glowing BTC potion, should be a great keepsake for your digital frame at home or just in your wallet. Many other fun NFTs in the works too

We are in discussions and would like to commence discussions with some larger projects to collab on some mixed brew potion NFT, maybe some Bonfire Firewater, Safemars Elixir or Froge Salve if you get my drift. These types of collabs should attract large donations so that charity aspect can be shared with tokens who may not have tokenomics to support a charity wallet.

Big plans include plans to create a multi platform DEX for currency and NFT exchanges called the “Cauldron”

We plan to host a weekly PODCAST with the Healing Potion developers to chat about hot BSC projects, hopefully try and navigate the Sea of Scams. This is going to start very soon, perhaps this week or next!

Dedicated dev team to see the project through and continue RP Potion Selling for your entertainment.

Other fun stuff, like merch and all that jazz




🧪Max Supply: 100,000,000,000,000 $HP POTS!

🧪30% Burnt to dead address

🧪12% tax on Sell (7% for Holders,5% for Liquidity)

🧪$900k+ MC