• Hodley


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  • 1,000,000,000,000,000

    Total Supply






Road Map

May 2021


Initial Project Creation

May 2021


Public Token Sale

May 2021


Token Burn
Influencer Campaigns
Competitions and Giveaways

June 2021


Charity Events
CG and CMC Listings
CEX Listings

July 2021


Collaborations with other projects

Hodley’s team of friendly vikings understands that the fundamentals of a successful token is marketing, therefore we have a 7% marketing wallet which is unlocked and will be used to grow the community at every moment. (This wallet will be locked for the first week after PCS Launch).

is a community-driven token with guaranteed profit



30% Shared to HODLers
5% Liquidity Pool


Manual Burns

Manual burns from the Dev Wallet will be done on every 3,000 HODLers


Hodl and Earn

Every transaction made with Hodley provides you additional tokens, a lot of them.



We really depend on our community - if the community size increases, the profits increase as well.

Our goal is to achieve the ultimate hodling token, providing great profits to everyone

Dev wallet is consisted of 10% tokens for initial development and advertisement costs, as well as charity events, which will be voted in the community. We like both people and animals, so we won't be focusing on specific charity organizations. Every transaction has 35% fee, 30% distributed to all holders and 5% to liquidity - this implements anti-whale protection and keeps the hodling community strong.



  • 50% Fair Sale
  • 40% Manual Burn and Charity
  • 7% Marketing Wallet
  • 3% Dev Wallet
  • Name:HODLEY Token
  • Type:BSC (BEP20)
  • Symbol:HODLEY
  • Platform:PancakeSwap

General description


HODLEY will be released on the basis of PancakeSwap platform and fully comply with BSC standard.

Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration.