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A token to combat the paperhand pandemic and removes the unfair advantage of bots and whales. The secret? Hold4One forces everyone to hold their tokens for at least an hour, ensuring a steady rising price floor.

We Hold 4 One mission; take this coin to the moon!

Hold4One ($H41) is safe, rug proof, fair and a guaranteed 100x and resilient to bear market. After a careful study of the crypto market, our experts calculated that if an investor only holds his bag for 1 hour, combine that with a rising price floor from the auto liquidity tax, a carefully crafted and tested algorithm in the smart contract with the ability to disrupt bots buy/sell patterns, and with the influx of new holders, Hold4One Token price will go parabolic in a matter of days no matter the condition of the market.

  • Hold4One is Fair
  • No Pre-Sale.
  • No-ICO.

Anti Paper Hands

How many times have you wished you can reach through your computer screen and strangle the hell out of people that sells for a measly 2x gain. Hold4One is the vaccine that will cure the paperhand pandemic that's currently ravaging the crypto market.

Anti Bots & Whales

$H41 time lock will disrupt bot's computer implemented instructions preventing them from scalping and pumping and dumping the token. Max transaction size limit is another measure implemented to prevent whales from gobbling up majority of the supply.

Pro Retail Investors

We created Hold4One to protect you, the retail investors. The Dev and Community, specially the retail investors will Hold 4 One mission; to have a once in a lifetime chance, to be in a project that will take all of us to the moon!




Quadrillion Total Supply


85% Locked Liquidity


10% Marketing Budget


5% Development Budget

Hold4One smart contract code will save you from your own greed. Hold4One will rehabilitate paper handed investors that sell their tokens for a measly gain. Hold4One will enforce that each holder holds their bag for only 1 hour before one is allowed to sell. Hold4One will remove the advantage of sophisticated bots and whales. Hold4One will level the playing field.


1 Hour Timelock

After buying the token, the 1 Hour time locks will start ticking down. This prevents mass sell-off and evens out the buy and sell activity giving the best chance for the token to moon.


Auto Liquidity

Every transfer contributes to tokens liquidity which helps stabilize the tokens price.



Static Auto Staking via reflections. Your token grows by simply holding the coin.