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GREENTREE - The Worlds First Fully Interactive CLIMATE & ENVIRONMENTAL Coin - Committed Too Bringing Back Forests/Wildlife/Habitats. 

The GREENTREE Team has a clear vision of this project and what we want it to become, but before we go into that let us just tell you what it is we want out of GREENTREE and how it benefits not just you, but everyone you know, personally.

We are in a position within the roadmap in human history, where CRYPTOCURRENCY is not just something you occasionally hear on TV, its not just something you read about and can ignore, it is here and it has arrived with such speed that at this very moment, hundreds of thousands of computers are simultaneously working away, crunching codes, and allowing the blockchain transaction systems to take place across the globe, and this is only the beginning, this rate is expected to increase by a rate of 322% before the end of 2021.

We are at a critical point, ADAPT or LOSE it all, cryptocurrency is not going away, we can push, scream or shout but inevitably cryptocurrency is here to stay, we have entered the next stage of the digital world.

So what does GREENTREE want to do about it?, well put simply we want to bring a balance to this energy use, we want to give back to the environment in one of the most simple and effective ways we know how, planting trees, also known as reforestation.

So, we created a cryptocurrency, that scales with its investors, when GREENTREE is bought and sold, the value of GREENTREE increases, which therefore means we at GREENTREE can spend more coins on REFORESTATION projects around the world, and put simply planting trees.

I wish there was a punchline, or something more grand to tell you, but that is the project, in all its simplicity.

We are not a company, we are a very small team of like minded individuals with one goal, give back to the world that we take so much from.

We cant even promise you that you will make money if you join us. But we can promise you that every single GREENTREE coin we use, will go in some way, shape or form to planting trees and aiding natural habits around the world, and the value of that coin rests entirely within this community.

If natural disasters such as a fires, floods, or hurricanes & droughts impact a certain part of the world, GREENTREE wants to be the first to donate, and aid these situations, we want to be at the FOREFRONT of the environmental crisis's affecting our world, and we can only do that if we all join together, as one.

So we welcome you to join us, join our movement, tell your friends, tell your family, its in both your best interests and ours.


GREENTREE has been built via a standard ERC20 contract, basically this means it is a quite standard token, with no special buzzwords included, this is not a sales pitch token.

The value of GREENTREE will be entirely dependent upon its holders, the more their are the more our tokens value will be and therefore the more trees we can purchase + plant around the world to give back to our ENVIRONMENT.

1. There is NO token burning (This is generally done to manipulate a coins price over time, and generally does nothing for the coin itself (more tokens means we can buy more trees)


2. There is NO Contract deflation Techniques nor coin percentages being returned for min/max transactions to holders


Greentree Distribution Wallets


20%-Greentree Natural Disaster Reforestation Allocation Fund

20%- Greentree Agricultural Reforestation Allocation Fund

20%- Greentree General tree Planting Allocation Fund

20%- Greentree Exchange and Listing Allocation Fund

20%- Greentree Marketing Allocation Fund