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Glitchy is a new way to earn rewards simply by holding the token in your Binance Smart Chain enabled wallet.

Glitchy is a token based on the Binance Smart Chain, where buyers & sellers get taxed on each transaction, which profits all Glitchy holders. A part of the tax goes toward increasing liquidity, and another part gets reflected to all holders. A percentage of this also goes to the maintenance wallet, which well help grow the project via marketing and development, while another percentage gets sent to the contract BNB balance. The BNB balance gets distributed to all holders weekly!



Our Strategy and Project Plan

  • Jun 2021Introducing the first GlitchAway! One of many insane giveaways to come.
  • Sep 2021Exchange listings.
  • Dec 2021Release of our new app, with a better design and functionality.
  • May 2021Make sure our content and online presence are up to par.
  • Jul 2021Reward system to liquidity providers.
  • Oct 2021Glitchy Sponsorships and Partnerships.
  • 2022 +Make Glitchy accessible to anyone and further grow partnerships as well as searching for new partnership/sponsorship opportunities.


💎 1% to GLITCHY family members

🎁 4.5% Liquidity

🤝‍ Further 2.25% BNB rewards added to claim pot.

💧 2.25% Marketing and Maintenance Multisig

🔥 Regular Liquidity Burns

💰 Purchase it on PancakeSwap V2

⚙️ Set Slippage to 11%

⭐️Become part of an uplifting community

⭐️Audited contract

⭐️Marketing development

Glitchy uses the following tokenomic breakdown to power its system and provide the premier BNB reward platform, using a 10% slippage tax on buys and sells:

1% Reflection/Redistribution of Glitchy Tokens to Glitchy Holders

2.25% Added directly to the BNB Reward Pool

2.25% Added directly to a multi-sig Maintenance Wallet used for Marketing/Airdrop/Promotions

4.5% Added directly to BNB PancakeSwap Liquidity

16% of the supply is burned. The burn wallet also accumulates Reflection/Redistribution tokens like any other Glitchy wallet, and those are manually burned to create a constant slow deflation of supply.

Accumulating LP Tokens are manually burned as soon as they accumulate to approximately 10% of the available liquidity.