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GlobalGive is a deflationary token built on the Binance Smart Chain. Investing in this token does not only grow your wealth, but hopefully makes the world a better place, as we donate a percentage of proceeds to a charity to be determined every month. GlobalGive is therefore a rotatory Charity Token representing a ground-breaking option for Charities to raise funds in an ever changing world.

Invest in the world while investing in your future!\

At GlobalGive, we are leading the field in using the power of decentralised finance to become the industry-standard for charities to acquire and receive donations – from grassroots non-profits and disaster relief funds to established charities with global reach. Our goal is to provide a platform, driven by our community of GlobalGiver’s, to boost awareness to causes that need it most as well as donating to more charities monthly. We are doing all of the above whilst rewarding investors for simply holding $GGIVE and providing increased investor protection measures. Hold GlobalGive, change the world!




The Crust

  • Announcements of First Charity Donation and organisation
  • First donation completed within 30 days of token launch
  • Listed with Price tracking sites
  • Begin application process for exchange listings



The Mantle

  • Start of Community competitions – winners choose Charity of the month
  • Create charity HODLers foundation
  • Partnerships creating with several Charities
  • Move GlobalGive Token into its own mainnet



Outer Core

  • Enable HODLer direct charity donation with selected partners
  • Enable users to write off donation activity within our ecosystem
  • Start conversations with Leonardo Di Caprio foundation for donations and cross promotion
  • United Nations certification as a global charitable organization
  • Start working with several charity tokens on creating a ‘Charity Exchange’


Inner Core

  • GlobalGive will be the choice for Charity donations around the world with hundreds of charities using the GlobalGive token as a means to raise funds.
  • GlobalGive will establish itself as a pivotal and critical crypto asset for decentralized donations worldwide.
  • The founders and HOLDers will continue to work in saving millions from poverty, increasing education in areas that need it and helping people move up from living on the street. We strive to carry on the great works of all those environmentalists who we so proudly stand on the shoulders of.



Total supply is 1,500,000,000 (1.5 billion) - 25% sold in presale.



Our Charity wallet has 5% of the total supply and will be where all charity donations come from.



This wallet has 5% of total supply and will be used to fund marketing and go towards other project costs like exchange listings.



There is a 10% tax on sales; of which 2% is redistributed to HODlers, 2% is burnt, and 6% is added to the liquidity pool. LP tokens are locked on Dxsale to provide extra investor protection (see FAQ section "is this safe to invest in")



The longer you hold, the more you receive. There is a 2% tax on each sale which is redistributed to present hodlers based on the ratio of tokens they own.


Whale tax

Up to 10% extra tax on sales over 0.1% of the total supply (see Whale tax document)


Liquidity & Burn

LP locked for 4 months to begin with and reviewed for extension to mitigate any issues with pancakeswap upgrades and migration