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Our goal is to put this token on the moon. China has achieved overnight what we could not dream of.

Overnight, they have run the entire crypto market into the ground. We're not going to let that happen to us.

With our marketing know-how and the cooperation of our valued community, we will set a new milestone in the history of the crypto scene.

China has razed the entire crypto market to the ground overnight. One man's loss is another man's gain, as the saying goes. What we now want to achieve with you, our valued community, breaks all boundaries that we have known so far.

The goal is to raise the price of the Fajuul token so high that even news channels will take notice of us. What you have to keep in mind is that all the liquidity is based on BNBs. So as soon as the price per BNB reaches $600 again, the price will automatically double in value. We call it "The Money Printing Machine".


The Ownership has been renounced since the Launch of this token. This provides safety to every holder because the Contract cannot be manipulated in any kind of way.

Renounced Ownership

Locked Liquidity

The LP has been locked via a lock smart contract on the network and the transaction shows the epoch time which has been set for six months from now. There is an additional auto lock that happens on every transaction.

Locked Liquidity

Anti-Whale Mechanism

We integrated an Anti-Whale mechanism to prevent Whales buying big Shares at the beginning. A maximum of 5'000'000'000 FaJuuL-Tokens can be bought. This equals to 0.5% of the total supply



✔ Core Development
✔ Fair Launch
✔ Lock Liquidity Pool
✔ Renounce Ownership
✔ Token Deployment
✔ Marketing Campaign
Release Tiktok Video
Youtuber Collabs
Influencer Partnerships


- Initiate Audit
- Add Team Members
- Publish White Paper
- CoinMC & Other applications
- AMA with Devs
- Publish own Exchange



- Giveaway "10'000 Holders"
- Apply on Coinbase
- FaJuuL as eExchange Method




The Token has a total Supply of 1'000'000'000. The Liquidity Pool was started with 20BNB's.
There are NO Dev-Wallets.


Liquidity pool

1% of the Transaction-fee gets moved into the Liquidity pool by auto-lock. This provides a stable and increasing price-floor for the Token.



5% of the Transaction-fee is redistributed to all holders as a small thank you.