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Our FatCat wasn’t always this wealth obsessed money making machine that he is today. He was once a little fur ball living with a poor loving family. His owners didn’t have much money and we’re bearly able to feed him. Even if they never neglected him, he started to understand the hardships you face when you don’t have sufficient finances and started questioning his situation. “What if there’s more to life than eating microwaved lasagna?” he thought.

One day hunger hit him. Not any hunger, but the hunger for riches. He knew he wasn’t meant to be poor and made it his life mission to become distgustingly rich. He started hustling like a mad cat, working almost for free just to get some of that moolah. After years of hard work, he finally had the money to open his own business. Then another one, another one… and so on.

More years passed and the cat got richer. He bought a lambo, he moved to a mansion and he tapped so much pussy he didn’t even had to try anymore. Life seemed good, but he wasn’t happy. He wanted to go even further, to amass generational wealth and make people close to him live the best life possible.

One day, he found out about the crypto world. He couldn’t believe his eyes. All the stories about millionaires from a few tens of dollars as their initial investemnt. “WHAT THE FUCK?” he asked himself. He got mad, really mad. All his life he’s been working his tail off to transform thousand into hundreds into millions of dollars, and now he sees these people making money from nothing without lifting a finger.

That’s when he realized: the secret to astronomical gains is to get himself into crypto and gather a community that’s as money-hungry as him. He now has became the FatCat and is ready to deploy himself on the blockchain. His ambitions never stop, so get on board before this maniacal cat gets to $1 BILLION market cap. Join him in his quest for riches and get ready to touch the stars!



His plan to achieve ultimate riches is simple, get everybody on board with him on the ride to space. From his extensive background in business, he knows that to attract investors you have to offer something. That’s why he decided to reward long-term holders by punishing traders and speculators.

His plan to make us all fortunes is a 10% transaction fee. Out of that, 8% is DIRECTLY distributed to all holders. That’s an insane percentage and people getting into this early might have the potential to make exponential gains down the road. Our FatCat hopes the silly speculators or scalpers will come and make us richer. Every one of their annoying little short-term trade goes directly in the pocket of our trusted holders.

There is also a small 2% transaction fee, designed to diminish volatility and create a stable price floor by sending the funds directly into the liquidity pool and burning the LP tokens forever.

Out of the 100T initial supply:
– 60% is burned at launch
– 38% is added to the liquidity pool
– 2% is reserved for maketing