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About Evil Doge project:

Evil Doge, The first space mission crowdfunded by crypto.
To fund it's plan, EvilDogeCorp will launch it's own fair-launched community Token named Evil Doge (EVL). EvilDogeCorp will retain ownership of 48% of the total supply of EVL tokens, these funds will initially be locked.

In five stages, the funds will gradually become available to EvilDogeCorp to transfer into BUSD at first and then FIAT currency. These token sales will be made in a slow, continuous manner to generate only mild and stable rates of inflation.

All transactions will be completely transparent and accounted for online in a simple manner. These funds will be spent on creating a non-profit space exploration company named EvilDogeCorp. Our ultimate aim is for the price of one EVL to reach one USD American Dollar. This would provide enough funds to create a base on the surface of the moon.
About EvilDogeCorp:
EvilDogeCorp is the non-profit space exploration company that will be founded using the funds made available through EVL token sales. It's primary objective will be to design, build and maintain a lunar base, whilst covering for travel costs. Evil Corp has chosen the French city of Toulouse as it's initial headquarters. Toulouse is Europe's capital of aerospace research and development. Still in it's very early start-up stages, the primary objective is currently the successfull launch of the EVL crypto token.

How to buy Evil Doge ?

Evil Doge uses the Binance Smart Chain, an alternative to the Ethereum network with much cheaper transfer fees. Instead of ETH, the Binance Smart Chain uses Binance Coin (BNB). You can buy BNB with a Binance account. You can then use the MetaMask browser extension to transfer your BNB to your MetaMask wallet.


Total supply: 135 billion135 000 000 000 EVLView contract >


EvilDogeCorp (locked)



Dev team (locked)



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PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool



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Evil clone

Evil Doge is Dogecoin's evil clone on the Binance Smart Chain. The contract code is a clone of Akita Inu 秋田犬 with different tokenmetrics and adapted for the BSC (BEP-20 intead of ERC-20). Ownership has been renounced and liquidity pool is locked.
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Building trust with our investors and EVL holders will be a key factor throughout the entire process. It is important that all the economics of the project remain simple and transparent to all. All financial transactions, token sales and expenditures will be made readily available and easily accessible to the general public.




The two wallets are initially empty as all funds are initially locked.
Dev Team Wallet
EvilDogeCorp Wallet



Funds time-locked

All EvilDogeCorp funds and Dev Team funds will initially be locked using DeepLock.io in order to make a rug pull scenario impossible. Over the course of the next four years, funds will be unlocked gradually in five stages. At each stage, the Dev Team and EvilDogeCorp wallets will have access to one fifth of their total share. There 5 pairs of locks in total: view in deeplock.io