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Besides MILF aiming to become one of the most entertaining decentralized communities, we are launching Cyber Milfs; Unique collectible characters with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain. We plan on building our Cyber Milfs collection matching that of CyberPunks. With our initial launch token holders with over 500,000 MILF will all get airdropped NFT Milfs.

**Our Cyber Milfs will be created on the ERC-721 standard (NFT Standard) & will first only be offered to MILF holders**

Despite having been around for so many years, cryptocurrency is finally getting the traction it needs to become something that is viable in today’s mainstream market. Digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are becoming widely accepted, by not only the general population. but also by credible and dominant business magnates in every sector of the present-day economy. $MILF Token plans on contributing to this surge in cryptocurrency, leaving its digital footprint in the “Crypto Space” and making a name for itself by being one of the first ERC-20 Tokens readily available to work side by side with NFTs for the daily consumer and investor.



it is up over 200% in less than 2 days with very minimal promotion

What's so exciting is that NFT's will be directly dropped into the wallets of token holders as a reward just for holding!

The first drop this weekend will be "Elon's Mom" Cyber milf and will go live to ALL token holders regardless of how much they hold.

The Non-Fungible Token phenomena is still new to mainstream media and the public eye in general. Likewise, the majority of the traffic and popularity began stemming within the last year. $MILF Token is on the fore-front of this new endeavor with a purpose to introduce new patrons to the NFT world with a one of a kind theme as well as avoiding the hassle an individual normally would have to undertake when attempting to acquire NFTs themselves on the open market.

Just as an individual would invest in the significant value of a stock or cryptocurrency to own some portion of it, the idea behind $MILF Token is no different. Yet, $MILF Token supersedes all other tokens by the fact that after owning a specific amount of $MILF token (to be determined) for a set period of time (to be determined), the consumer will be given their own “one-of-a-kind” piece of digital NFT art as well. This NFT will be conveniently airdropped directly to the consumer’s wallet. The consumer’s duty is just to hold onto $MILF token, as well as their NFT portfolio, and watch as the profits of both grow together.

Periodically, more and more of these “Cyber MILF” NFTs will be airdropped to the consumer, all completely different from one another in design and varying in rarity. The more $MILF tokens you own and hold. the more NFT you will be rewarded. Your NFT collection will be unlike any other you will see on the open market.

Bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and NFTs are made quick and simple with $MILF token. Hopefully, you’ll see the opportunity for growth and join us on this exciting new chapter of the cryptocurrency era. Thank you and welcome to the Future.