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lon Chill is set up with its holders in mind.
From conception, the token itself has been designed to protect its investors and help them grow their holdings in comfort.

Elon Chill is the only token that rewards its holders every time Elon decides to tweet and crash the crypto market.

When this happens our holders are rewarded because of his behaviour with 1 of the following 3 options:

  • Token Burn: Reduces Supply and Increases Price
  • Manual Token Distribution: Increases Investors Holdings
  • Airdrop BNB Funds: Instant Profit for Investors

We are also going to be developing a range of games featuring Elon, these will be built to send a clear message that crypto investors have had enough!




June 2021

Inception Phase

Fair Launch
Coin Gecko Listing
Influencer Marketing

July 2021


More Influencer Partnerships
First Game Concepts
NFT Sales
CEX Exchange Listing

August 2021

Product Launch

First Game Release
Additional CEX Listing
Marketing Overload 🙂

September 2021

Refine Our Project

Details will be released in July


In order to secure a successful project, we have implemented a 10% tax on transactions in order to prevent swing trading.
Additionally, we have implemented an Anti-Whale code to the contract, to ensure healthy growth and the safety of investors.



Liquidity Generating

To ensure constant liquidity Elon Chill has been designed to add to the liquidity pool with every transaction. 4% of all transactions go towards adding liquidity

Passive Income

Holding Elon Chill is rewarded. From all transactions, 4% will be redistributed to all holders as passive income rewards.
Essentially its like automatic staking.

Auto Burn

In order to create scarcity and a shortage of supply which in turn drives up the price. Elon Chill has a 2% auto burn feature.

Anti Whale, Anti Bot

Transactions have a limit in order to protect holders and investors from whales looking to gain an unfair advantage in their holdings.