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The team behind Element token is committed to advancing the standard in tokenomics for the benefit of the world of cryptocurrency. As the four elements have formed the Earth around us, so too have crypto innovators shaped the digital landscape that we call home. Element token was methodically crafted with respect to the success of these coins before, and resolved to be an influence to coins that will inevitably come after. This mindset and mentality is understood among the developing and marketing teams at Element token. Take this opportunity to join this purpose driven group and wield the power that the four elements grant you. Holders with find that the true power behind Element token is not found in development, marketing, nor even tokenomics, but in themselves and the community they have become a part of.


As each element works together in perfect unity, they behave uniquely and provide different advantages for the holder.

To put it concisely, the wind yields 4% native token redistribution. The Water is absorbed into the Earth, as 4% of each transaction replenishes the buyback wallet. The Fire ignites 4% of each transaction to be marketed.


The very foundation of our existence is the ground beneath our feet, out of the Earth came life, and from whence we came, so shall we return. As Water replenishes the Earth, the Earth replenishes it's inhabitants, growing more green for the proprietor.


For centuries, humans have gathered around fire to spread their knowledge, exchange ideas, and share information. Since it's discovery, Fire has provided warmth, safety, and direction. The Fire protocol gives our team the capability to ignite a marketing wildfire to illuminate the path of prosperity for the proprietor.


The Winds of Change: shaping and adjusting a malleable environment, awestruck by its unrelenting power. Each transaction is at the mercy of this wind, 4% is taken up by this assiduous force, only to fall equally into the possession of those wielding the Element Token.


Water is the source of all life, the most important liquid in our ecosystem. To quench the world and all of its inhabitants, 4% of each trade will be absorbed back into the Earth, providing replenishment for the proprietor.