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The team has shared that they have several marketing plans in the works. The following details are known: They are on board with a bunch of tiktokers. They are also planning on paying a front page post on coinhunt in the following days to gain more reach.


The vision is to create a cryptocurrency that works like digital gold. The whole team believes that it is possible to create a strong and global cryptocurrency through the power of all members together. The Telegram group chat will be the headquarters for this. From there, everything will be coordinated through the community. There is a lot of work to be done by each of us, but if we stick together we can do it all together!



Liquidity Pool & Ownership

The Liquidity Pool has been suspended, the link to the proof can be found below. The ownership has also been renounced. Proof of this can be found below. By this procedure the circle around the token is closed, so that no adjustments can be made to the contract and the liquidity pool cannot be opened. This means that the price of the token is now completely controlled by the community.

Fair Launch

It was very important to us to make a fair launch for everyone. The developers, marketing professionals etc. were all authorized to buy a maximum of 0.8BNB of shares. The goal behind that is to avoid creating a disadvantage for the community

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