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These cute little birds are the next generation of cryptocurrency.

Made on the Binance Smart Chain, you can buy and sell these in seconds while being 100% secure.

With gas fees as low as $0.01, this fun and friendly token is perfect for everyone – both small and big wallets.

This Duck Token is no exception. It doesn't have much of a use-case (for good reason), but they might do some NFT/merch-store/charts and all later if the community votes for it.

And yes, I said community - as it turns out, the developers actually care and are active, fully transparent, and honest. Now that is rare and it is very important, since you'd rather not lose because of a dishonest team.

Obviously, what you're looking for is something that's got a low cap and you wanna get in on day 1. Presales kinda do that, but a fair launch (like Duck is doing) is far better for that, as it allows an even distribution without massive price movements.

The Roadmap

This meme token is going to the moon.


Stage 1

  • Build social media profiles and develop presence
  • Create contract and launch fairly on PancakeSwap
  • Generate memes every single day
  • BlockFolio, CoinGecko, and CoinMarketCap applications
  • Start community marketing contests and giveaways
  • Run AMAs
  • Trust Wallet submission
  • Whitepaper development
  • Security audits
  • Build marketing and business development teams
  • Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram organic marketing

Stage 2

  • Increased influencer onboarding
  • Multiple CEX applications/listings
  • Start large-scale paid marketing campaigns
  • Run coordinated raids on social media to get Duck tokens trending
  • NFTs and marketplace development
  • Create merchandise store
  • Develop community-based utilities (charts, portfolio tracking apps)
  • Release whitepaper

Stage 3

  • Coming soon! This is a community project, and everyone can help.

  • Duck tokens are free of politics and human error.

    Unlike other meme currencies, we're planning on sticking around.

    Backed by a vibrant community, we're going to develop widespread distribution.

    This will force companies to accept Duck tokens as a currency, increasing prices further.

    It's only a matter of time.


Initial Supply: 1000 Trillion

Circulating Supply: 650 Trillion and decreasing

Our marketing wallet is for raising awareness, exchange listings, airdrops, and giveaways.

Liquidity is locked. Ownership has been renounced.

Duck's contract can never be edited or manipulated. Duck is the people's token.

🔥Planning on reaching 5,000 holders in 1 week 🔥

🔥30% supply will be burned🔥

🔥Multiple listings coming after launch🔥

🦄$0 Marketcap (releasing on Monday)🦄

🦄Contract Address: Will be created on launch🦄

🦄100% Fair Launch Token on PancakeSwap🦄

3% Given to Holders


3% of every transaction is automatically distributed to holders.

This increases the individual net-worth of everyone who holds Duck tokens.

The more people that use Duck tokens, the more passive income you earn.

3% Added to Liquidity


The remaining 3% transaction fee is added to liquidity, creating an increasing price floor.

This also reduces the impact of selling, ensuring a smooth trading experience.