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D-Drops is a decentralised treasure hunt platform. Where a 5% transaction fee will reserve funds for the smart contract to create and distribute treasures all over the world.

Holders of the DOP token can then search for treasure using the DApp. The holder will receive a radius in which the treasure can be found. Based on this users can open their cameras and explore the AR world created around the treasure. When a user finds the treasure, they can send a claim request to the smart contract and claim the contents of the treasure.

The treasure creation and distribution system is based on the following parameters: Price of DOP, DOP volume traded, GEO location holders.

For now, D-Drops is currently busy with Phase One of the project.

During Phase One, we will be focused on growing the community and raising enough funds to build the DApp D-Drops. D-Drops will start organising physical drops during phase one. This introduces the concept and enables holders of DOP to already pick the fruits of their investment.

Physical launch

The first-ever Drop will be held in a spectacular fashion. D-Drops will be launching the first drop into space and drop it from there. Holders of the DOP token will be able to go treasure hunting for this drop and collect the contents of the treasure.


The Tokenomics are set up to create a sustainable project for the long run. The initial offering i.e., the seed round will have a much more preferable rate than the VC and public round. During the seed round, the remaining 80% of the tokens will be locked for six months in designated wallets. There will be a vesting period of at least 6 months for the public sale tokens to ensure a smooth increase in the circulating supply. The team will hold 15% of the tokens which will have a lock period of 6 months and a vesting period of 1 year.

Partnership tokens will be used to scale and promote the project by collaborating with big brands and implementing new tech solutions to improve the User Experience of D-Drops. The Events Wallet will be used as a price for special events, such as a “New Year’s Hunt” or “Christmas Adventure Chests”.