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DogeWorld is the world’s first Doge-paired token. While all other tokens have a BNB or ETH based liquidity pool, DogeWorld’s liquidity value rests in wrapped Doge with a DOGE-DOGEWORLD pool. This means that if Dogecoin goes up, DogeWorld goes up with it. Our tokenomics which funnel into our community and charity funds are also built with an auto-sell function for wrapped Doge, which means that by buying DogeWorld you are supporting the price of Dogecoin. We are building DogeDEX, where all transactions will be routed through wrapped Doge, like our token. Instead of using BNB or ETH as a stable currency, we believe in backing our DEX with Doge. DogeDEX will take a small fee in every transaction to buy back DogeWorld (which will support wrapped Doge), and use a token reserve to reward LPs. This way we can create a self-sustaining, people-backed DEX for all tokens who wish to join and also be backed by Doge. Lastly, because it is necessary to have wrapped doge to use DogeDEX, we are also building a bridge from Dogecoin to wrapped Doge (BSC + ETH). This will come after the DEX, and allow Dogecoin investors to finally participate in a DeFi environment which will genuinely support Doge.


Tokenomics Liquidity: 2% Community Fund: 2% Charity Fund: 1% Auto-Staking: 1% Burn: 1%