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$DIREWOLF is a decentralized cryptocurrency token launched on 17 May 2021 and is fully owned by the community. We are on a mission to match Dogecoin, targeting at least a 1000x growth and possibly x10000 from where we stand now.

We started with a $100.000 USD liquidity pool on Uniswap, renounced full ownership of the token contract, verified the contract source code and have burned the liquidity pool tokens to disallow a Rug Pul.

Of the total 1 Quintillion tokens, 75% have been burned and 20% have been locked forever, leaving 5% in circulation with a deflationary 2% redistribution on every transaction to all holders. So your wallet grows while $DIREWOLF becomes more scarce and valuable over time.


The total supply is 1 Quintillion tokens. That is tokens with a precision of 2 decimals

75% is burned, and 20% is locked forever, meaning the total circulating supply is only 5%. The tokens were burned to the Ethereum burn address. See the transaction here.

The initial liquidity pool is funded for a total initial liquidity of $100.000 USD. The liquidity is locked forever as the pool tokens are burned.

Of every transaction made, either a buy or sell transaction, a 2% is redistributed to all holders.

The token contract is 0xbdea5bb640dbfc4593809deec5cdb8f99b704cd2 and the token symbol is $DIREWOLF. See the successful verification of the contract here.