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Dogey-Inu has an active team that is an expert at marketing, answering questions, and creating an atmosphere for growth. Dogey-Inu is a community driven experiment in the DeFi space. $DINU features a 60% VB burn and locked liquidity for anti-rug. We are currently just a simple payment token with an aggressive road-map. Join us in telegram!

*Dogery Inu, as a token finds its competitive angle in its memability and the community is making fast work of spreading the word of Doge Coins. As always in a bull market there is a lot of meme coins to pick between, but what makes me favor DINU in these days of absolute madness is: The low amount of holders, just around 500 when writing this

The absolutely phenomenal price action the last 24 h. The crazy memability and possible cooperability with SHIBA. $DINU aims to appeal to everyone: Newcomer to crypto or experienced it does not matter. We have an amazing and active community that really wants to hold and build this gem long term. The team can be found on the telegram and has been open and transparent about everything so far and has the fullest trust of us as a community and like mentioned above, the main goal here is to build something from the ground up.


There is a lot we hope to achieve. As a community project we firstly are looking to simply build a group of dedicated people who contribute to the project. Seeing as there are no founder tokens, this will rely on community donations. The core team is developing a swap and farming dapp currently, but this is mostly determined by what the community feels it needs most. In the future we hope to bring a no-loss lottery, an NFT marketplace, and much more! $DINU to the moon!


  • 60% Burned Fully
  • Locked liquidity pool