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CyberPrototype… we are not 100% sure where this token came from. We are not sure how it got here, but what we do know is it may or may not be the absolute pinnacle of tokens… sent back in time from a dystopian future by an unknown time traveller who goes by George. We believe things may not have gone all too well and turned out differently as to a lot of people had hoped. Let’s just say Elon Musk’s prediction about A.I. should have been taken a lot more seriously.

The internal code occasionally ooze’s a brilliance of green colour. Elon Musk just cannot complain about it not being green enough, it is soo green that there is speculation your charts will turn green, this webpage started turning green as it was being made.

This tokens aim is to make everyone loaded this may include actors and movies studios.

This in turn as a consequence may have a hand in creating bigger and better movies of the likes we have never seen, maybe Top Gun 3 or a movie with Leoardo DeCaprio doing a double role who knows? To insure this is a success we suggest that you cancel your Netflix / Amazon subscription’s along with your Satellite and Cable TV services and buy the CryptoPrototype Token.

If you feel the need, the need for our hopes and dreams to travel down the right road…. CyberPrototype.


10% transaction tax used for:

5% LP tax

3% redistribution

2% burn

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