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Our liquidity pool has all been sent over to a dead wallet, this means that no-one has access to it at all! This alone makes us rug-proof.


Our contract is renounced, so what you read on the contract, is how it stays. No one has the ability to change it!


I’m just joining into coins that are completely safe to invest in and have a potentially high return rate to it. Today I’ve found CocoaToken which seems like quite a good investment, it does look really safe to put into - no large wallets or few wallets holding a large sum and also liquidity is burned and ownership is renounced, what more can you ask for? These coins usually smash a 100k Marketcap in the first day.

We have verified our contract on BSCScan, meaning anyone can take a read through our entire contract code- just to double confirm that your in the safe zone.

Our website is still under development, it will be updated as we progress. As of now we are a charity token looking into raising funds for charitys that donate towards the fair trade of Cocoa Bean farmers! As of now our current tokenomics means: 4% per transaction is sent to a charity wallet which will be donated on a weekly basis to a charity off the communitys choice. 4% of each transaction is also burned into the liquidity pool and 2% off each transaction is shared amongst holders.


One amazing thing about this token is that it actually has a usecase. It is a charity based token where 4 percent off all transaction will go into one wallet which will then at the end of every week he sent over to a charity of the community’s choice.

The transaction fees are: 4 percent into charity wallet 4 percent burned to liquidity 2 percent shared amongst holders

These two points in itself are a really good reason as to why you should buy into this coin, it is pretty much a risk free investment if you catch it under 50k Marketcap as these coins can fly past that in minutes. Me personally I buy in under $10k market cap - which is what I’ve done here so that my minimum returns will be of 10x from here as this project easily has the potential to reach a $100k Marketcap especially with a developer as dedicated as the one on this project and a great community of holders behind him!