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 CoviShield is a community based project created to help the communities wrestling with the deadly covid-19 virus. The Devs team first handedly witnessed the havoc the virus wrecked over India and other parts of the world and the  current toll of lives is estimated around 3.54 million. While the virus still is vigorously claiming lives, the impact has been far reaching as it is fuelling the collapse of economy and the poor and middle classes. 


So in an effort to help the affected, we are glad to announce this initiative which uses the world of Cryptocurrency tokens to provide as much financial and moral support as we can to the people fighting against Covid-19 on the frontlines and beyond. The CoviShield token is on the Binance Smart Chain and this project will provide donations to the Covid Care Centres around the globe. This would be possible only with your support.

We also want every investor to profit from this initiative financially and also donate to Covid Care Centres at the same time. Please checkout our Tokenomics for the same.


The faster we can heal and vaccinate people and aid their recovery, the quicker we will be on road to normalcy. So if your nation is struggling with this virus at the moment and you dream of a future with no lockdowns and no barriers,  come JOIN US in this powerful journey we'll embark upon together.


With our lofty goals, we are here to stay. Let's begin this journey together, a journey of compassion, of love, of healing, and a journey which has the potential to bring real change in lives of many people, the lives which are desperate for our support, for those who trust in humanity to come to their rescue when governments may have failed them. Let's set on this journey which will bring us closer to our loved ones and fellow humans. 



  • The Team dreams of helping the society in this pandemic and the CoviShield project is born ✔️
  • A group of brains come together to give this wonderful initiative a shape.✔️
  • The dream of CoviShield project comes true as the development begins and the team promises of never turning back again!✔️
  • Smart Contract created✔️
  • Website Launched✔️




  • On the spot burning of 55% of the initial supply ✔️
  • Forming a big and supportive community
  • CoviShield Launch on Pancakeswap
  • Performing 10 Million token burns each day 
  • Our First Ever Charity Drive!
  • Applying for Coingecko
  • Applying for CoinmarketCap
  • Reaching out to more exchanges
  • Partnership with big projects




  • Collaborating with some more ideas
  • Targeting big exchanges
  • Our Charity Drive


Total Supply


55% Initial on the spot token burnt

The team has already burnt 55% of the tokens and will continue to do so.

Token burns help in raising the price floor of the token.

Daily 10 Million token burns

We will be burning 10Million tokens daily.

The burns will raise the price floor daily.

5% set up for Marketing

We don't want to be left behind in Marketing , so we have a 5% locked marketing fund which will be used after the launch when our marketing squad will take the lead.