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A Binance Smart Chain DeFi deflationary token where 5% of every transaction goes to charity to fight the ongoing pandemic. (Already $20,000 donated) 

As could be well understood from the name itself, the primary aim of this token is charity. Charity for those who are desperately in need- the poor, the destitute, the people who are unfortunately suffering from this pandemic.  We make sure that our charity helps them directly by procuring for them medical supplies, medicines and other essentials – making sure no one is left without any aid in these troubled times. Especially the crisis in India as we speak.

Note: V2 Migration. We had an issue with the contract launched on V1, where DXSale routed our charity function to V2 PanCakeSwap. We have since fixed this by launching a CRTv2 on v2 PanCakeSwap and airdropping all holders through snapshots before/after the crash occurred. New contract address also. If this was not done, it would have defeated our main purpose of being a charity organisation. We are here to stay.


  • ✅ 5% to charity wallet.
  • ✅ 2% to holders.
  • ✅ 1% removed permanantly from supply.
  • Liquidity Locked 25 BNB+ 1 year
  • PanCakeSwap:
  • V2 Contract Address: 0xcf20f93f50c792cfc7a8af013f72ea6284cc5e3