Charity protocol
  • Charity protocol


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Charity Token on the binance smart chain aiming to help people in need and rewarding holders at the same time!


100% Community Driven

Our project is driven by who? The members of our Community. Ownership is renounced, LP is burned and the ones who can make this project succeed is the community.






Automatic Liquidity Provision

Every trade feeds back into the Charity Protocol  liquidity pool, securely locked on Pancakeswap. This provides support that grows with our community and provides much needed price stability.

Automatic Yield-Generation

Hodlers earn passive rewards through transaction fees. Watch your balance grow simply by keeping funds secure in your wallet. No need to stake in dangerous pools or lock funds in vaults for long periods of time.

Future vision

As we grow bigger as a community our developer funds will grow, these funds will be reinvested into marketing purposes and making sure that our project will keep growing sustainably, we are here for the long run!



1,000,000,000,000 Tokens in total

50% burned in the beginning

5% for marketing purposes

45% spread out over the community


10% fee over every transactions

6% to liquidity pool

2% all holders (bigger holders recieve                more then smaller holders)

2% Straight to the charity wallet.