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Welcome to COVID token!
We are a revolutionary yield farming protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain designed with the purpose of giving people a safe place to store their tokens while delivering great reward incentives to holders. The company is developing 2 real case products: a platform for capital pool raising and an NFT trading platform. Artist and organization platform placement licensing is in progress.


Our first mission

Support the fight against the global pandemic by bringing fast and transparent funding directly to relief organizations around the world. We believe in the power of the community and how crowdfunding can help charity. Our first donation destination is India. We are devasted by the impact of the second SARS CoV-2 wave. This why we chose a charity fund called Cryptorelief to make our first donation.

Charity NFT
The infrastructure for incentivized donations.
Raising funds is crucial to charity organizations and NGOs. The more money they raise, the more people they can impact. The Charity NFT platform enables charitable funds to run sweepstakes, lotteries, and sales of collectibles in the name of social good.

Charity Pools
A solution for gathering donations from multiple people while offering a wide range of rewards for the donors. This platforms brings crowdfunding and many more possibilities to the cryptocurrency market.

Charity Swap
The simple but powerful conversion platform. Once the money is raised, the organization needs to access it as quickly as possible. Charity Swap is a built-in cross-chain transfer mechanism, allowing organizations to put the funds to use immediately. On-platform swaps minimize price volatility for holders and ensure organizations reach their funding goals.


Who said that make money needs to be hard!?
For every transaction 10% tax is applied:
- 5% distributed as BNB for stakers
- 3% added to the liquidity pool
- 2% is used for development and marketing purposes


- Project planning
- Create website + audit
- Presale on dxsales
- Audit in process
- Artists and organisation onboarding
- CMG + CGC listing
- Marketing with Crypto Influencer
- Listing on CEX exchange
- More marketing
- Artists and organisation onboarding
- Launchpad release


Total Supply 10,000,000,000
Pre-sale 50%
Public 40%
Team Fund 5% with dx lock applied
Marketing & Partnership 5% Dx lock applied
Liquidity 70% locked for 1 year with dxsales