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COINCOIN IS BUILDING A DECENTRALIZED ECOSYSTEM OF USER-FRIENDLY, TRANSPARENT AND PRIVACY-RESPECTING PRODUCTS CoinCoin NFT Worlds: first AI-Powered marketplace where you can sell your digital assets as NFT tokens in the digital world. CoinCoin Vault: This is a High APY Vault, Once the Vault is open anyone can stake BNB, any amount, from that, half will be used to buy (otherwise mint) CoinCoin tokens, and then it will add BNB/CoinCoin to the PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool CoinCoin Staking: Stake to support decentralization and get rewards CoinCoin Dex:P2P Exchange A decentralized exchange (DEX) is a cryptocurrency exchange which operates in a decentralized way, without a central authority.

June 2021

$CC will launch with a 5% between all holders as a holding reward 3% to the "Dream Big" This fund buys supercars for giveaways. The rest will be going to charitable donations. We will add 2% to our liquidity pool so users are able to buy and sell at anytime with no friction on filling orders. After launch requests to coinmarketcap and coingecko will be made.



July 2021

$CC will plan as a community for possible yield farming partnerships. When the time comes a vote will be held and decide which road to take.



August 2021

The dev for $CC is dedicated to a $30,000 marketing budget to lay the foundation. This will come in the form of paid website advertisements. over the course of 60 days. After that marketing costs will be voted by community as it gets bigger.



September 2021

$CC was launched with 100% of token in the liquidity pool with 70 bnb. The liquidity is locked for 100 years and the contract has been renounced which can be found here:


First BSC Project to be fully protected against that flash loan attacks have been occurring at a frequent pace on the BSC Network With more and more DEX’s under attack, many investors now fear their protocol could be next. we have taken the Neccesary precations to Prevent such attacks on our platform.


Fair Launch

100% of the remaining supply is allocated to liquidity at launch and locked,so no presale. Liquidity will be locked using Unicrypt. There is no pre-sale.


Token burn

50% of the total supply is sent to the black hole at launch. The black hole will act as another wallet holder, meaning every transaction made, the black hole will receive half of the 4% instant reward.


Anti Whale

Buyers will not be able to purchase more than 1% of the total supply.If whales don't want to be taxed 10% to make a transfer (between 2 wallets) that is larger than 0.01% of the total supply, they can use the Disruptive Transfer feature: the transfer will be charged for 2 BNB without being taxed 10% which will be added directly to the liquidity pool.