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When we set out to change the game, we knew we had to do something bold. Our goal was straightforward: create a charitable cryptocurrency paired to a marketing strategy so brazen it is nearly unbelievable - allowing user adoption to achieve record levels. When we bought our first Lamborghini, the idea clicked. We would change the world by creating a token that makes people happy and fulfills lifelong dreams, while filling a wallet of a different kind - the “Carma” wallet. The idea is simple: a token that gives others the same happiness we experience in owning our dream machines, all while giving back to our community. Thus, $CARMA was born. We are a Binance Smart Chain token, with a unique 10% transaction tax that is split into three pools: ● Automatic holding reward ● Liqudity ● A fund that donates to charity and buys cars for giveaways to spread the word It sounds crazy and it is. But, we like crazy. We hope you do too. In this whitepaper, you will find more information on the specifics of our token. We hope it answers all your questions. However, should you leave with any lingering questions, please feel free to join our Telegram group and we will try our hardest to answer them. Be magical. -Carma Coin Dev Team

Roadmap Spring Launch Includes presale (completed), liquidity lock + PancakeSwap listing (completed), CoinGecko listing (completed), Audit (in progress), influencer marketing campaigns, our first supercar giveaway, and donations to non-profits. Summer Grow Coin Market Cap, exchange listing, merch, poker tournament sponsorships, and assist our first dealership in accepting a full crypto payment for a car in $CARMA. Fall Implement More exchanges, more influencer marketing, finalize use case platforms, and gain worldwide exposure. Beyond Dominate

Core Values Be magical. We are positive and kind above all else. Our main goal is to create happiness in other lives. Be charitable. We strive to be as giving as we can possibly be, helping out our community as much as we can. Be sustainable. We make decisions that are based on our long term health, not the short term gain. Be transparent. We strive to be open and honest with our community at all times, for the benefit of all involved. 

$CARMA Carma Coin ($CARMA) is a BEP20 token issued on the Binance Smart Chain with a total supply of 1 Quadrillion (10 15 ) tokens. A direct presale was issued of 400 Trillion tokens (40%) of the supply, 300 Trillion were burned, and 300 Trillion were added to the PancakeSwap liquidity pool..


Tokenomics Earn The earn aspect of Carma Coin is backed by the imposed 10% tax for all transactions. Five percent of this tax is redistributed to the community, proportional to the tokens that they hold. This system incentivizes our community of holders who in turn support $CARMA to make it a sustainable movement. Further details are outlined below: 1. Five percent of the tax is redistributed to our community of holders, proportional to the $CARMA tokens they hold. 2. The remaining 5% is transferred back as liquidity provider tokens to the PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool (LP). On a weekly basis, 60% of the newly accumulated LP tokens will be removed from the liquidity pool and a majority of this will be appropriated as proceeds to car giveaways and charitable giving.. Token Extraction For the best interests of the community, the burn process has been instituted as part of a manual extraction process occurring approx every 7 days. There are cases wherein the burn process increases the floor price. In Carma Coin, burn has been integrated into a charitable-giveaway-burn system. The initial algorithm is as follows: Of the newly accumulated LP Tokens (the 5% fee) over a one-week cycle, 60% (effective 3% fee) will be removed from the PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool: half are BNB, half are $CARMA. The other 40% or 2% effective fee stays in liquidity. These tokens will then be extracted and accumulated in a public wallet for full transparency at the following address: 0x79dcEfd3e4aae8ed4Fd9e2B5A64cdd6c3324eEf6