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We aim to reward all holders with something that will retain its real world applicable value just for being involved because we believe its time that tokenomics are capable of giving back.

Have you been dealt some bad hands by the BSCasino lately? Thought you had the winnying combo of Quad Aces only to find the dev had a Royal Rug? Maybe it feels like you're being dealt the same hand every time but the picture on the back of the cards changes? Or maybe you've been dealt a few hands by the same influencing dealers that have been on our tv screens lately....

Sound familiar? Then you're sitting at the wrong table my friend.

BUSDealer not only gives you the cards to play, but it'll keep topping up your stacks whilst your sat there without you even having to play a hand. Now that's what I call winning!

Instead of using reflection tax to distribute of the native token, BUSDealer sets to instil confidence in its holders by reflecting back a STABLE tether, taking you from Sh*tcoin to Stable in the same play.

It’s very early doors as well so you can secure a larger portion for a decent price, meaning you receive more busd rewards!



100 billion supply
1.5 billion max buy and wallet size
10% BUSD reflect
5% liquidity

Tax is set at 15% overall which is then divided as 5% to liquidity pool and 10% to the BUSD rewards.

There are 6x1.45% marketing wallets which will be used solely for receiving rewards which will be reinvested in marketing!