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A revolutionary way in earning passive income.

A Hyper-Deflationary Buy-Back token that automatically rewards holders with BNB.

Hold BulleX in your wallet and watch as BNB gets distributed amongst all holders.

It doesn’t stop there – the BulleX contract buys back any sells. You will never see 2 sells at once.

BulleX is developing a platform where smart contracts can be launched, deployed and hold pre-sales. This comes with a full internal KYC system to attempt to resolve the current issues within the BSC Community. We are internally ensuring that any and all tokens launched on the BulleX Pad are fully Rug-Proof and are legit projects.

How does this benefit BulleX holders?

Every token launched on the BulleX Pad will be charged a fee. The fee is a percentage of the supply of the token which is then airdropped to BulleX holders. This gives the advantage of not only being the first to hold any given token, but to also partake in the pre-sale within our very own LaunchPad.

According to how many BulleX tokens you hold, you will be entitled to a certain amount of airdropped tokens.

BulleXSwap has been developed and launched.

The BulleX Team is also developing a platform where users can view charts and trade directly from the BulleX DEX. The BullTools Platform will also provide the best performers within the last 10 minutes, 15 minutes & 30 minutes – the BulleXBoost.

BulleXBoost is a new and innovative system where users can gain an upperhand by checking which BSC Token has the largest volume and which are the biggest percentage gainers.

How does this benefit BulleX holders?

Not only is this revolutionary platform giving BulleX holders access to information that is otherwise not possible to view, but it is giving holders more of an incentive to keep their BulleX through Advertisement Revenue Distrubtion.

The BulleX Chart Platform will run advertisements that will generate revenue in BUSD from the campaign managers. The BUSD will be sent to the rewards contract and distributed amongst all holders.

Revenue Share

At BulleX, we are developing a lot of different types of Decentralized Applications. These are all in-line with our Smart Contract, meaning every one of the ‘Features’ we are launching create an opportunity for holdlers to earn more rewards.

Developing dApps where BulleX can generate revenue allows us to ensure that the Rewards Contract is always full. It ensures that rewards are constantly being sent out even if the token is low on volume. This relieves the contract from relying on taxes for rewards by constantly filling it up using different sources.

One example is our Ad Revenue Share.  BullTools will run Ad Campaigns which generate revenue and, in turn, be automatically distributed to the rewards contract. BulleXPad will allow projects to launch their projects from our LaunchPad where we will charge a small fee – a percentage of the supply of tokens. This also gets added to the smart contract and re-distributed to BulleX holders.

We are constantly innovating, bringing new ideas to the table and developing them. This gives BulleX holders more of an incentive to hold their tokens. 










439,068 BLX


420,000 BLX


388,059 BLX









BNB Rewards Redistributed

10% of each transaction is distributed amongst all BulleX holders in BNB. If you hold a minimum of 10,000 BulleX, you are rewarded with BNB.

Liquidity Pool Lock

The Liquidity Pool pair is created after the public pre-sale and locked. 80% of the pre-sale is assigned to the LP Pair. 2% of each transaction is also sent to the LP. This stabalises the price of BulleX.

Auto Distribution - 30 minutes

BulleX holders get BNB automatically rewarded to their address every 30 minutes. No need to claim, no need to request. It just appears in your wallet.

Anti-Bot, Anti-Dump

The contract stops bots from manipulating the buy-back feature by restricting and blacklisting the wallet after 2 consecutive sells within the same block or within a set time.


Every sell transaction is bought up by the contract to the extent of up to 10 BNB at once. Depending on the volume, BulleX tokens are bought back everytime anyone sells BulleX.

Community Driven

A marketing wallet is setup to ensure BulleX is constantly being promoted on all Social Media Platforms. The community is given the power to vote for any and all transactions from this wallet.

BulleX Earnings Dashboard

BulleX is offering a new revolutionary way in earning passive income with BNB rewards.

The BulleXApp will display your earnings on a daily, weekly & monthly basis. A new and improved User Interface where holders can view their last payout, next payout and total rewards earned.

All holders are split into three different tiers

BulleX Gold (Top 100)

10% Distribution rewards

Choose between BUSD or BNB as rewards

BulleX Silver (Top 1000)

8% Distribution Rewards

Choose between BUSD or BNB as rewards

BulleX Bronze (1000+)

6% BNB Distribution Rewards