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What is our purpose?

The purpose of $BLUNT is to partner up with local and international manufacturers for Marijuana and related products to give our consumers a direct link to use our tokens for!

Yes! We have already sent of emails to manufacturers in the USA once we have responses to those and signed in contract within the week we will adress the community!

Once we have an established launch we will begin working on our app platform with our community made team on how to move forward with it.

Once the app is complete a beta will be given to the community for testing and discounts will be given to early holders!


Marketing plans?

● Poocoin


● Tik Tok promos

● Youtube Spotlight Promo

And much much more ...

Our marketing team for things like Twitter and website we have decided to recruit our community and to compensate those people ❤

We believe community involvement Is a huge priority with this project!

If you’re looking for a crazy project with massive potential and big sponsors or just a straight mars shot we are ready to give that to you! Are sure you join our tg for the most up to date information!

We launch in 1 hour! Stealth launch