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Big Dick Energy in the crypto world comes from earning  major f*cking gains. If you're bragging about 50% or 100% portfolio growth, you don't have BDE, you might be on your way, but you're nowhere close. 


Big Dick Energy in crypto is when you've seen 20-100X , and you're still grinding gains because you want to buy a private jet and a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, not just a few super sized meals at Mickey D's. 


BDE comes from spotting good projects and HODLing through major dips without sweating because you know it's part of the process. No p*ssy fuding on a 20% dip. 

Big Dick Energy Token is for those BDE meme coin investors looking for serious gains. If you sold your Doge Coin for a loss on a dip, this isn't the project for you. Keep looking.


BDE Token is going to be the biggest thing your girls has seen in years. Don't get blue balls. Let's grow your...


15% Redistributed to Holders



15% of each transaction (purchase, sales, transfer) is redistributed to wallet holders. Earn tokens from holding.


5% Add to Liquidity



5% of each transaction (purchase, sales, transfer) is added to the liquidity pool to increase stability and the price floor.