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Get in early on the future of beer currency, passively earn beer money, and support local breweries while doing it! Devs bought on presale with the rest of the community, locked 100% of the pre-sale into the LP with daily video updates on Twitter!

4 MASSIVE influencers talking on Twitter, Dana Beers, Shibetoshi Nakamoto, Johnny Damon, Matt Shea. With many more interested in longer-term partnerships that combined with brewery culture give this project extremely high potential upside.


We all need beer. Over the past decade the Craft Beer industry has taken off, providing us with infinite amounts of fresh, flavorful, and unique beers that we get to enjoy on a regular basis. 

Since the onset of the pandemic, thousands of Craft Breweries around the world have been impacted and are struggling to keep their doors open. We have an opportunity to give right back to the beer community that has kept us going through this difficult and unprecedented time. And we’re going to do it by capitalizing on the booming crypto industry, opening the door to a new era of digitally traded beer currency.

Moonbeers is the world’s first beer-based cryptocurrency. As moonbeers takes off, our mission is to bring our coin holders and partner breweries along for the ride. 

How do we plan on accomplishing this? 

5% of every MoonBeers transaction will be donated to breweries and marketing, helping those that has been impacted by COVID-19. We’ll also be featuring stories about these breweries on our social channels to bring attention to their brands and products to help them come out of this pandemic stronger than ever. Importantly, we’ll be rewarding holders with 3% of every transaction being distributed to their wallets to build their beer money fund.

Finally, with the current smart-contract set up we will be able to settle $BEERS with breweries which are on-boarded.




  • Donations & Partnerships grow community. These are pivotal to bringing beer lovers worldwide into the club.

Summer 2021

  • Brewery Partnerships

Once we have amassed a large community, we aim to release a batch of MoonBeers with a MAJOR liquor brand.



Utilizing $BEERS at select Breweries and Stores near our community members. Easy frictionless sign up for bars and breweries.

Winter 2021

  • MoonBeer Brewery

MoonBeer brewery OWNED by the community. The ultimate goal of selling our own beer globally to our massive community of holders.


What to expect onboard

We want to make something that lasts, the set-up is easy you earn beer money by holding.
3% passive 'beer money' earned on all transactions!
5% of the investment goes to the beauties who make craft beer.
Lastly, 2% is manually injected into the liquidity pool, which will eventually be used as a transaction fee to settle $BEERS into FIAT for breweries who choose to adopt the inevitable revolution.