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$BEANS is a safe and delicious new project on BSC for you to sink your teeth into. If you’re sick of investing in a coin and watching the chart go up while anxiously fretting that it might rug at any moment, we got you. Come play it safe, with us.

Our goal is simply to protect the investments made by BSC investors and put investors on the front foot. We know how easy it is to get scammed these days and that’s why we are releasing our third party Dev database and doxxing platform.

We will obtain personal information from developers who want to use our platform, and store that in an offline NFT. This will remain secure and hidden from the public eye, however if their project was to rug, that NFT and key would be made available in line with our agreement with the developers.

$BEANS will be publishing a first look at their new platform later during their AMA with a sneak peak video preview.. Also featured will be their whitepaper and roadmap... Oh... and there’s $50 to be won too!

How is $BEANS SAFU? Liquidity is locked through TrustSwap! The team behind this have also doxxed themselves to our resident police officer (yes, a police officer IRL) and will be reprimanded (that is, kicked from the TG group and publicly shamed) in the event of any funny business. The doxxed information is also being held by reputable project leaders, such as Michold of and Dale of United Shillers TG community.

The team believes in this project, and there’s already 25 people working together on this.

Big marketing plans are in place, some of which will be announced today. More is to come from $BEANS and trust us, you don’t want to miss flicking it!



Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 $BEANS

10% Fee per transaction

8% added to liquidity to build ourselves a strong beanstalk to the moon!

2% is redistributed to diamond handed $BEANS holders