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We are a purpose-driven Swiss Co. engaged in a real business with a social mission. We are building the Sport Blockchain Powerhouse to change the game for the benefit of athletes, fans and brands. We will use proceeds for our primary mission: to develop sports talents.

For athletes

  • Credible platform dedicated to sports
  • Sell your assets and earn money instantly
  • Earn % royalty on each resold item
  • Grow exclusive chain of athletes

For NFT buyers

  • Buy the real legends now
  • Grow the tokens value
  • Stake BCS1 token and get limited NFT editions
  • Fractionalize NFT and own the athletes
  • Own real assets that will appreciate
  • Have peace of mind with Blockchain of People

For brands

  • Engage the digital native audience
  • Be the first to activate new promo mechanics
  • Execute in virtual or real world
  • Harvest the hype and increase the sales


locsport is coming for a global $500B giant in the sports industry, providing a new way for sports clubs and teams to find competitive advantages while also cutting out a wide range of legal fees which alone should account for Blocsport’s value.

Having launched, their NFT Marketplace that gives you direct access to exclusive merchandise from professional athletes, the corresponding token in $BSC1 listed on JulPad this morning.

It is already looking to be the most successful project to release JulPad, you can buy below the PancakeSwap listing price.

Collecting these $BCS1 tokens will allow users to stake to earn passive income, participate in affiliate programs to earn commissions, and participate in promotions to access exclusive NFT deals.

Partnering directly with athletes, fans will be able to collect exclusive digital merchandise from their favorite players and have them appreciate it no differently than other pieces of memorabilia.

And owning them directly on a platform that allows you to also make trades allows for much easier gains off your investments.