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Currently, it’s difficult to swap tokens without having to pay ungodly fees to exchanges. Even worse, new projects sometimes get labelled scams incorrectly because they lack proper exposure and the right tools necessary for launching a successful project. We will launch our decentralised exchange to help investors perform token swaps with ease. Token holders will be able to contribute their holdings into the liquidity pools and receive LP rewards. Also, the exchange will act as a launchpad for smaller early-stage projects to easily launch their tokens and manage their ICOs using an already established platform.



We will launch our mobile app with a built-in system for everything related to cryptocurrency investment. The app will feature a dashboard where you can easily track the tokens in your portfolio. There will also be a built-in rug-pull checker to check if a new project will likely be a rug-pull or not. In summary, Baitcoin offers investors price profitability in the long term due to our token being used as a utility in different real-life use cases.



The music industry has a ticketing problem where tickets for music concerts, live shows or festivals can be faked. The sad truth is a lot of people fall victim to fake ticket selling, particularly online. Nearly 11 million people are affected by fake ticket sales yearly. A lot of them buy tickets from websites only to get turned away from gigs. Some even get scammed outrightly, as they purchase tickets and never receive them. We will be launching NFTs for our soon to be partners to solve this problem. With our NFT team, we will make unique tokenised event tickets so that they can’t be faked or reproduced. Even better, we will launch a sophisticated verification system that can check for the authenticity of these tickets when they are presented at the event venues. Another application of NFTs in the music industry will be making NFTs for artists in a particular concert and make fans bid on the exclusive NFTs for these artists. For instance, you will own an NFT of a memorable moment of your favourite artist at a concert you attended.



The previous year was no doubt an eventful one for the whole of humanity. The pandemic has disrupted the normal lives of millions of people around the world particularly in developing economies. At a time like this, Baitcoin aims to contribute to social good by helping people who are in need. The platform will raise funds to support various causes through donations to charity organisations. You automatically donate to charity when you buy, as we have implemented a charity feature into the transaction fee model. For every transaction conducted on the platform, 2% will be deposited into the charity wallet. The wallet will support donations to various humanitarian projects around the world. This is our way of giving back to the world towards making it a better place.


2% - RedistributionSplit Between All Holders

2% of every transaction is split fairly between all the holders of BAITCOIN, allowing everyone involved to passively earn.


2% - Auto LiquidityLocked In PancakeSwap

2% of every transaction is automatically locked in a PancakeSwap liquidity pool.


2% - Charity WalletReserved For Donations

2% of every transaction will be deposited into a charity wallet. This money will be used for donations.